Friday, June 29, 2007

Outside the Clinic 8:45 am

This morning Isreal died. He is a sixteen year old boy that lived in the neighborhood, and came in to go to school. He came to the clinic in hopes of finding a ride to the hospital after a traumatic and sleepless night. He passed away at the foot of the door outside the clinic. His aunt was with him. It is unknown as to what happened, but for his families sake, I will spare details. Needlesstosay, the tone around Castel Pere has been atypical. Please say a prayer for his family.

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  1. Hi Paige-
    Okay I have had the hardest time getting on your site. But I made it. I started back on Monday trying to send you a message. The beach looks beautiful. I hope you get some more days off to spend on such an amazing beach. When you try the local fish let me know how it is.
    I am sorry to hear about the young boy that passed away - I will keep his family in my thoughts.
    The wind chimes are so pretty- I would like to place an order for one.
    Here all is well- The boys went to Havasu last weekend and they wee alot of fun here. Elina and Nick's last day of summer school is today. Elina goes with Lindsey to Tahoe tomorrow for 10 days so she is very excited.
    Thanks for the picture you sent for the calendar. I have been working on the calendar so remember to email me some of the pics from Haiti for next years calendar. How is your creole- I would love to learn a few words
    Take care of yourself and remember that you are loved and missed a ton.
    Love always- Auntie Alex