Monday, June 18, 2007

Thursday, June 14 9:00 am My Room

Father Marc, Father Charlie, Dan, Eddie, and I are going to meet tomorrow afternoon to discuss living here long term, the summer program, and working with the artists. I am very anxious to get started because right now I am feeling very lazy. I was so used to going 24/7 before I got here, now I am feeling like a bum! It will be good to feel useful. Dan and I were talking about some summer program ideas over breakfast this morning. We are thinking about making obstacle courses, work on cross country and track and field, and teaching the kids kick ball. We are also going to be doing a voluntary English class for those children that are interested. Hopefully everything will work out and we will have a productive summer! All the outdoor activities are going to be very hot though- I am getting used to washing my face every couple hours, and having sicko hair.

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