Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Limbo

I can honestly say that Haitians have the COOLEST dances. Right now, the Limbo is the dance. The music rocks, the dance is so much fun, and when everyone gets going, there is a crazy energy. I absolutely love it! Maybe I'll try bringing it to the states.

Herold's Soccer Game

On Sunday afternoon we went into Les Cayes to see Herold, one of the boys working on Father Marc's house, play in a soccer match against Port au Prince. Herold is the one about to kick the ball.
Herold plays on the Les Cayes soccer team. He scored the first goal on Sunday. The game ended in a tie- 3 to 3. After the game, the coach from the PaP team asked Herold if he would go to PaP to play for their team. Herold answered, "I can't. Father Marc needs me here." As flattered as Father Marc was that his kids are so loyal, he was a little frustrated to say the least that Herold would pass up the opportunity.

A Post I Received

I recently got a post from a woman named Amber. She complimented our artists on the windchimes they had made over the summer. It was such a thoughtful message, and I would just like to thank her for the post.

Amber, if you click on Konny's Korner, on my blog, you can contact Connie who will let you know what inventory she has in the states, and she can ship you a memento. Thank you to you and your mother for keeping Haiti in your hearts.