Monday, June 27, 2011

Jean Raymond

He was given the gift of life,
A life lacking ease.
His cross to bare displayed on his face,
for the whole world to see.
He was given the gift of humility,
of tough skin and rose colored glassed.
He was grateful for his being,
so unique and unforgiving.

Miles apart. Generations between.
A doctor prepares to leave.
He was given the gift of a steady hand,
Of brains, of determination, of ease.
Blessed with this gift, he shares it,
with children of lives unforgiving.
With his gift he crossed the seas,
Eager to help a child in need.

A patient hand, a thoughtful word,
He shares with this child.
He was given the gift of life,
a life of normalcy.
His cross no longer exposed and bare,
but a distant memory.
Forever he carries his humility,
his struggles, his memories.
But now he can live happily,
Changed forever by one patient hand.

Many thanks to Smile Train, and the executive director, Tom Flood, who changed Jean Raymond's life.

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