Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Before I post pictures....

It is times like these that I really, really miss my sister Lynne. Lynne, can I not respond to a blog message from someone? Help me!

Until Lynne fixes this problem of mine, I will do a quick response to everyone through a post. It kinda messes up my organization of my entires, but my obsessive compulsiveness will have to get over it so I can respond.

Tio Ricardo- It was great having an Easter egg hunt in June. Thank you for that. I loved hearing from you. I am sorry I couldn't talk to you right before I left. Also, there is a spell check where you can choose the font size and style. Look for it like an Easter egg! :)

Katee- It is so good to hear from you! Give everyone in Colorado a hug for me!

Gram & Gramps- Since you Mapquested where I am Grandma, does that mean you are coming to visit me?

AJ- I am going to miss Carlsbad this year. Eat a lot of sushi with my fam. I had to stock up, and had it the last three days before I left!

Auntie Alex- I am proud of you for blogging!

Dennis and Cynthia- It was really good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words!

I hope that was everyone- Lynne. Hurry up and help me. (I am still bossy from Haiti, huh?)

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