Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11 8:30 pm My Room

My first night in MY room. It took all afternoon to unpack and rearrange. I will post pictures of my room transformation. I have to make it feel like home. All you loved ones, your pics are on my wall! Right now, I am sitting in the dark journaling by flashlight because I don't want to use all the generator power.

Today was a good day once I got here. Everything tastes better in Haiti. We had bean sauce and corn for lunch, and rice and beans for dinner. Doesn't sound like something I'd normally eat, does it? Wrong. It is DELICIOUS!

Aside from eating and unpacking, a couple of kiddos and I took a walk to see how much the baby pigs have grown since I left. If you remember, one of the days I was here over spring break, six pigs were born- so cute! Now they are getting big! Still cute though.

After dinner, we took out some jump ropes I brought, and jump roped under to dome. It was pretty fun until Tipa broke on on purpose. That frustrated me, so I went to bed.

Really tired. Peace!

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