Monday, June 18, 2007

Thursday, June 14 7:00 pm My Room- dripping with sweat

This afternoon I took a walk with Jean Robert and Dikenson. We took the same walk that I “ran” yesterday. Here is a story that gives a perfect example of generation gaps:

So yesterday on my run, everyone that I passed I waved to them, and said, “Bonswa!” (Good afternoon.) Well, there was one older woman (she looked ancient, and could barely walk) just stared at me as I ran by. I did my usual greeting, and she just looked right through me. Whatever. Anyway, so today, as the three of us were walking, we came across the same ancient lady. Same glazed over look as yesterday.

A few houses down were three little girls. One was wearing a swim suit, one a long shirt, and one a church dress. None came higher than my waist. They were adorable. As they saw us approach them they started yelling, “Blan! Blan!” This literally means “white”. Once we got close to them they grabbed at my hands and smiled the most beautiful white smiles. We paused, smiled, and continued on our walk. Well, on our way back, as we passed the three little girls house, from inside the gate I heard, “Blan! Blan! Blan!” Jean Robert, Dikenson, and I just laughed and kept walking. A few seconds later, the three little girls were at my side, holding my hands and fighting to get close to me. I am certain they would have hung on to me all the way back to the quad, but after a few hundred yards I told them to go back home. They frowned, and left.

Here is my point. One generation looks directly through me, another looks at me like I am a celebrity. Neither knows me. It is all based on the color of my skin.

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