Friday, June 15, 2007

Specifically for Lynne

This picture is specifically for Lynne because I know how much she loves Crocs. See how useful they are though? It has been raining at night, then there is a lot of mud. If I didn't have my Crocs, my feet would be as dirty as Fegins and Jean Roberts!

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  1. Hi Paige...I love your idea of getting someone to toot a horn to make me exercise. I actually got in the pool with Scott, Jack, and Jill and tread water for about an hour while I watched them shoot baskets and yackety-yacked. It sounds like you are a bit more excited now that you have a schedule set up. I know have to be busy to feel happy!!

    I think when you responded to Nicole, you thought it was your cousin. I believe it was Lynne's new roomie???? Check it out.

    Love you up to those sparkling skies you look at at night. It reminds me of the song in that Feivel movie - I know, I am corny.

    Love you,