Sunday, July 1, 2007

A New Artist

The very first time I came to Haiti I met and fell in love with Maxim. He is a boy who is 100% deaf, and has a hard time communicating. He is only with us on summer vacation and breaks. The rest of the year, he goes to a school in Port au Prince- the capital- where his needs will be better met. When I was here in March, I did not get to see Maxim because he was away at school. When I was back home, he and Father Marc sent me a picture of him doing a silly dance. Just this June, when I returned, Maxim still was not back. Well, a couple days ago, Maxim returned, and it made my day! He is now going to be the newest member to our artist staff. He started on Friday. Sammy and Mac took him under their wings and got him right into painting. I am so excited to have him on our team for the summer, and can't wait to see what he can do!
(pictured from left to right: sammy, maxim, mac)


  1. I remember Maxim, Paige!! Did he remember you? I am sure he did. Did he learn sign language at his other school? How will he communicate with the students? He looks great.

  2. Yes, he did remember be. I was thinking about posting a picture of him a few years ago because he has changed so much. I almost didn't recognize him! He is learning how to communicate. There is one other deaf boy here, and they communicate very well. The other kids are very patient, and take a lot of time pointing and speaking slowly and demonstrating what they want him to do. It is working out just fine.

  3. Hi Paige-
    Boy, I'd love to get my hands on Maxim and the other DHH boy! There's so much potential working with deaf children. I can only hope that he's receiving quality speech/language services in Port-au-Prince.
    I'm glad to read that the other children are being patient with him and using alot of gestures. Keep working with him, Paige. It's so rewarding, as you know.
    Love and hugs across the miles!
    AP xoxox