Friday, June 29, 2007

Outside the Clinic 8:45 am

This morning Isreal died. He is a sixteen year old boy that lived in the neighborhood, and came in to go to school. He came to the clinic in hopes of finding a ride to the hospital after a traumatic and sleepless night. He passed away at the foot of the door outside the clinic. His aunt was with him. It is unknown as to what happened, but for his families sake, I will spare details. Needlesstosay, the tone around Castel Pere has been atypical. Please say a prayer for his family.

Artisan's House Friday, June 29 7:30 am

Here are some of our finished wind chimes! The other morning I walked into the Artisan's House, and was flabbergasted! They had moved all of their finished pieces of work to one room, organized everything, hung up the wind chimes, and cleaned up the paint cans and unfinished pieces. I didn't know what to say. Everything looks so beautiful. I complimented them like crazy on their initiative as well as their ownership. They are really taking pride in what they are doing, and it is paying off! I am like a proud parent.

Frankie is standing underneath his pride and joy- the moon with the stars. It doesn't sound as pretty as the purely varnished ones because of the paint, but he is very proud of himself.

Jean Remy also made the oak and maple leaves wind chime, as well as the butterflies.
If you look on the table next to Frankie, you will see a frame that Sammy made. It is for a mirror. He varnished one, and is in the process of painting the other.

We are really getting going on our pieces.

Kitchen Wednesday, June 27 7:30 pm

So, tonight Dino (one of our cooks) and I made dinner. I helped him make rice and beans, and the we made cookies. He likes when I help him because, as you can see in the picture, he gets to listen to Bob Marley on my iPod.

Anyway, so, we bake the cookies. Now, it is important to know that in

order for anything to bake, the oven has to be set at 450 degrees, or the flame will go out. This makes baking difficult because it means the bottom is almost always burnt...or crispy.

So, we bake the cookies, first batch- not too shabby. I bring them out to Dan, Daniel, and Portia who are sitting in the dining room. I go back towards the kitchen to take the next batch out of the oven, and this is what I see.

Apparently, the flame went out in the oven, and would not go light again. Dino's solution- cook the cookies stovetop! Haha. Obviously, that didn't work. They were crispy on the outside ,mushy on the inside. But, as I am learnig to say, "That's Haiti!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The First Wind Chime is Complete!

Here is Choupy mentoring Frankie. Choupy is really taking this working cooperatively thing seriously. On Monday, after working from 7:00-3:00 he started a drawing and painting class at the primary school. He had a great turnout- about 30 kids. I think we are going to have to make two classes though, because "shita" (sit down) was his most frequently used phrase. All his students were just so excited to show him their masterpieces! Welcome to the teaching world, Choupy! Eager students make the best students... but the most tiresome days!

Jean Remy with the first finished wind chime. He has taken so much pride in the new project, and is now teaching some of the younger artists his craft. He too is beginnning to really work cooperatively. I am excited to tell him there are already orders for his specialty! Jan, Katee, Auntie Pat- I will bring some home at Christmas time!

Monday, June 25 12:30 am

So I was awoken in the middle of the night to sheets of rain falling down. It was actually kind of cool to the point that I needed to put on my sheet. I sat outside my room for a second feeling the cool breeze and rain, and watching the thunder and lightning. The only thing that was missing was my Dad. It wasn't the same counting by "mississippi's" the difference between the thunder and lightning like we used to do when I was younger alone. I wished that he had been there too!

Monday, June 25

Here is Jean Robert and a couple boys. They were helping me practice my Creole...obviously I am not that great. Jean Robert worked so hard I put him to sleep at the table!

The Carlsbad of Haiti- Sunday, June 24

So, in Haiti Sunday is basically the only "day off". Today, after mass, we went to the beach in Port Salut. It was Johnny (our driver), Dan, Dr. Blood and his son Daniel (visitors- Daniel is here for a month to fix things- he is awesome), Dr. Jacob (our clinic doctor) and his wife Gerarde (she is a nurse), and myself.

It took about an hour to get there. Driving through Port Salut really reminded me of Carlsbad, CA. The city was so cute and quiet and clean. There are little shops lining the cobblestone drive. Very picturesque.

The beach was basically deserted, the sand was white and smooth, and the water was beautiful. Hopefully we will be taking frequent trips here on our day off!

Gerarde and myself. I am resting in a hammock at the restaurant after laying out on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

This is a shot of the sign for the restaurant we ate at. Take a look at the beautiful beach in the background. It was a lovely Sunday.


To all of my fans out there, I am sorry I have not posted in a while. The internet has been crap, and I haven't been out much. I will do my best to give you some highlights of what has been going on. I miss you all!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday, June 19 11:00 am

Eddie, Dan, and I met with a couple guys who are going to be working on sports with the kids for the summer program this morning. I was not able to actively participate in the meeting being that I really could not understand. I am getting more frustrated by the day with my lack of language, and yet, I am not really forcing myself to study at night before I go to bed. I need to do that. Mom, yell at me about good study habits.

Anyway, this is what my summer schedule will look like:

8:00-9:00 Teach English class with Dan

9:00-10:00 Arts and Crafts with younger kids (this is hopefully going to be a beautification project of the farm. For instance, painting rocks to lay around the outside of the garden. Painting signs to label different places and things. The labels will be in English, French, and Creole)

10:00-11:00 Work with the Artists

Late afternoon- time TBA- Basketball! Hahaha. This is going to be funny, but I am going to be working with the kids on teaching them basketball! Bet you can't wait to hear how that goes- especially since there is no court!

This is going to be starting within the next couple of days. I am pretty excited about it!


Tuesday, June 19 10:00 am

This morning has been so productive, and I am so proud of my artists! I went to make sure they were all working this morning, and sure enough, as I approached my ears started hurting because of all the banging! I was happy. I showed them the expense report, and asked Honel to start working with Frankie (one of the younger boys) to teach him the painting techniques he uses.

When I went back around lunchtime I was amazed! They had been working together all morning, and had basically used all five metal drums to make new pieces. Frankie was painting, and Honel had finished a couple of great pieces. I am VERY excited to tell Father Marc about all of this. Now, we just need to sell it so we can get more supplies and make more!

Look on and order some pieces to support us!

Monday, June 18 4:00 La Madonne

So today I was able to have my first experience with the accounting office at La Madonne. La Madonne is the building that is the office, where Father Marc lives, and where I go to check my mail and post to you all.

Anyway, so it was really interesting to get to fill out a form for money for the artists to get supplies, bring it to the office, and then get all the goods (that is the money form they use here) so I could deliver it to Sammy and Honel. I also had an expense report printed out so I can see what our budget is, and what I have to work with. I kind of feel like Dad. Maybe I will try to get my Dad's job when I get back- bossing people around and spending money... Now, everyday when you go to work Dad, think about your daughter doing the same thing in Haiti! haha.


Let me explain. I checked my regular e-mail a little bit ago, and I got what you would call "hate mail" from my sister Lynne. She basically said that she is never speaking to me again because I didn't give her enough attention and comment on her one measly post she left for me. So, in order to try and reconcile with my sister, I decided to dedicate an entire post to her.

Lynne, my love, thank you for the comment. Thank you for apologizing for being a bad sister and not telling your boss you needed to answer your phone because your sister in Haiti was calling you at fifty cents a minute. I do sure hope you will forgive me. As I put on my Crocs this morning I thought of your beautiful face and messy hair. If you could see my right now you would see that I am giving you the finger wave.



Monday, June 18, 2007

My Artists

This is Sammy creating a metalwork piece outside the arts and crafts house. He is VERY talented. He sketches a piece on the metal with a pencil, then uses another piece of metal and a rock to etch it out. In some of the other pictures you can see finished products.

Here is Choupy doing the same thing. Notice the pieces of toilet paper in his ears. As you can imagine, metal hitting metal is very loud. Thankfully our angel Aunt Dee is going to be bringing down some ear pieces for them. Hopefully that will help.

This is Honel and one of the Mackensons (there are three). Honel is very talented when it comes to painting- look in the background. He is also pretty good at speaking English.

Dan in the Bakery

Remember my entry about the bakery? This is a picture of Dan standing at the table the dough is rolled on before going into the solar oven. In this picture, the corn that Tipa kept jumping in is bagged up, not in a pile like the other day. If only we could find the money to make a real bakery... imagine the great pastries that could be produced...


So, this is Fegins. He loves Jami more than anyone I know. (Watch out Scott.) Everyday he comes to see me and asks how long until she is coming. The other night, I was working on my computer outside my room, in the pitch black dark. Everyone else was asleep. I had my headphones on, jamming out, writing e-mails, and all of the sudden someone wraps their arms around me from behind- Fegins. I jumped ten feet into the air. He has been sneaking up to say good night to me every night, after everyone else is asleep. Stinker.

Specifically for Will a.k.a. my baby sister

This picture is for Jill. Jill, these are probably the FATTEST puppies in Haiti. One is a boy, and one a girl. They are the only two that made it this far in life, so Momma Dog has lots of extra milk for them. They LOOOVE playing in the bushes. They are pretty dang cute, you would like them Jill. Maybe I will bring one home for you along with Charlotte the spider.

Sunday, June 17, 2007 Happy Father’s Day! 9:00 am Covered area for Mass

Mass was at 9:00 this morning. It started at 9:20. It lasted until 11:30. I was standing the last half.

Fegins wanted me to sit next to him in the pew. So of course I did. However, when I got to the pew, and tried to sit down, my knees didn’t fit! The pews are mobile because the “church” is also the “spectac” and the “lunchroom” as well as whatever else they need it for. Anyway, whoever set the pews up wasn’t counting on me to sit there! Everyone in the row had to stand up and move it back about a foot so I could fit… Oh man, stupid over six foot blan.

After regular mass, was a presentation for the students that finished up the school year. The sixth grade teacher was presenting awards. Here is an example of an award, “This is Patrick. He doesn’t work that bad. Let’s all clap.” What? Can you imagine if I would have said that at an awards ceremony when I was teaching! Oh man!

After it was all over, Father Marc welcomed me in front of everyone. Everyone stood and sang a welcome song. It was really nice. I think he said my picture is going on the blog. That reminds me- the new website is up. Check it out! Aunt Dee helped get that going.

Friday, June 15, 2007 8:30 pm Roof

How many places can you go and be able to do yoga on the roof under the stars? I think I found my new favorite retreat- the roof. At night, when the breeze is blowing, and the stars are out it is gorgeous. (I just have to ignore the bugs) I think I will be coming up here every night now. Well, maybe not if it is raining…

Friday, June 15, 2007 3:00 pm Under the Big Tree

So, we just had our meeting with the artists. I am officially in charge of the Arts & Crafts program. I have to try to get them working together more cooperatively, try to better organize the inventory, come up with new ideas about pieces to make, find new materials, etc. They are very perceptive to having me be in charge- or at least they are to my face. I am really excited about it. I have a lot of ideas, and can’t wait to see if any of them will pan out. Oh yeah, the other thing I have to do is come up with $15,000 so we can have a new building built. Any ideas on where I can get the money? It is going to be a 30x30 building with a covered porch so they can work outside, but lock everything up inside. It will be great, when we can get it. I need to find this money fast!

Thursday, June 14 7:00 pm My Room- dripping with sweat

This afternoon I took a walk with Jean Robert and Dikenson. We took the same walk that I “ran” yesterday. Here is a story that gives a perfect example of generation gaps:

So yesterday on my run, everyone that I passed I waved to them, and said, “Bonswa!” (Good afternoon.) Well, there was one older woman (she looked ancient, and could barely walk) just stared at me as I ran by. I did my usual greeting, and she just looked right through me. Whatever. Anyway, so today, as the three of us were walking, we came across the same ancient lady. Same glazed over look as yesterday.

A few houses down were three little girls. One was wearing a swim suit, one a long shirt, and one a church dress. None came higher than my waist. They were adorable. As they saw us approach them they started yelling, “Blan! Blan!” This literally means “white”. Once we got close to them they grabbed at my hands and smiled the most beautiful white smiles. We paused, smiled, and continued on our walk. Well, on our way back, as we passed the three little girls house, from inside the gate I heard, “Blan! Blan! Blan!” Jean Robert, Dikenson, and I just laughed and kept walking. A few seconds later, the three little girls were at my side, holding my hands and fighting to get close to me. I am certain they would have hung on to me all the way back to the quad, but after a few hundred yards I told them to go back home. They frowned, and left.

Here is my point. One generation looks directly through me, another looks at me like I am a celebrity. Neither knows me. It is all based on the color of my skin.

Thursday, June 14 10:30 am Downstairs at the Quad

So I really, really need to start becoming fluent in Creole. I am NOT good at it. It is dificil! I make the wrong pronunciations, and my mouth always hurts because it is a really nasaly sound, and a lot of it comes through your nose- it’s difficult. Jean Robert, Frankie, and Dikenson were working on it with me this morning, and I was helping them with their English. Hopefully by the time Aunt Dee and Jami get here I will be a bit better at it. That gives me two and a half weeks… not looking good.

Thursday, June 14 9:00 am My Room

Father Marc, Father Charlie, Dan, Eddie, and I are going to meet tomorrow afternoon to discuss living here long term, the summer program, and working with the artists. I am very anxious to get started because right now I am feeling very lazy. I was so used to going 24/7 before I got here, now I am feeling like a bum! It will be good to feel useful. Dan and I were talking about some summer program ideas over breakfast this morning. We are thinking about making obstacle courses, work on cross country and track and field, and teaching the kids kick ball. We are also going to be doing a voluntary English class for those children that are interested. Hopefully everything will work out and we will have a productive summer! All the outdoor activities are going to be very hot though- I am getting used to washing my face every couple hours, and having sicko hair.

Thursday, June 14 8:30 am Artist’s House

I walked over to see if the artists were working this morning, since yesterday they all decided to take the day off, and as I walked up I heard the BANG, BANG, BANG of metal pounding. It is pretty cool how they can take a metal drum, flatten it out, and use every piece of it for something. Impressive. Yesterday, Father Marc had told me that I am going to have my work cut out for me though because a few of the boys don’t get along with one another. I witnessed that this morning as I walked up. Jonas (Mom remember him?) and Sammy were yelling at each other (both are my age) over a money situation. Onal said that it is typical, and I could tell by the fact that everyone continued to work as the two screamed, that nobody wanted to get involved. Sammy was funny though. As soon as he saw me he said, “Bonjou, Paige. Ki jan ou ye?” “I am fine, Sammy. But obviously you aren’t.”

Can I get a Facial?

This morning I woke up and my eyes were swollen almost to the point of not being able to open them. Dan said it was because of the fan blowing on me last night, and the dust and pollen flying around. Father Charlie says that happens to him a lot. I guess I have something to look forward to now- puffiness. I will try to see if we are growing cucumbers…

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 9:02 On the roof of the quad

I just got off the phone with Mom, Dad, and Jill. It was really good to hear their voices, but made me miss them more. My stomach is full from a meal of rice and beans, and a mango fresh from the tree for dessert. I am lying hear watching the lightning tell a story in the distance. Directly above me I can see every single star- seriously. Every star. I only wish right now that I got a better grade in astronomy so I could name them off to myself. The breeze is slightly blowing. I see a firefly chase his friend. I hear my friends downstairs talking and walking through the rocks. This is paradise.

Wednesday, June 13 8:00 pm My sink

Here is a story for Adrian, Kisha, Jan, Mike, and all my other camping buddies. You guys are going to love this.

Remember my story about the spider that slept with me and left me two fang marks in my fore arm back in March? Well, I think he heard that I was back because after my run, while in the shower, he decided to pay me a visit. There I am, shampooing my hair, when I look up, and “Hey! A spider.” (I think I am going to name him Charlotte.) “Hey! Charlotte! How’s it going?” Continue shampooing, conditioning. “Talk to you later Charlotte.”

Go downstairs for dinner. “Hey! Charlotte! How’s it going up there on that wall? Have you been sucking a lot of blood because your body is now about the size of a half dollar instead of a quarter? Keep up the good work.”

Go upstairs to wash my face. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in my ear. Turn and look. Nothing. BZZZZZZZZZ in my other ear. Turn and look. “HEY! YOU ARE NOT CHARLOTTE!” The biggest, blackest, bug (I’d say about twice as big as Charlotte, no exaggeration) I have ever seen flying around my head. I duck, hoping it will disappear. Lucky for me, my door opens just then, Jean Robert walks in. Big Black Bug flies out.

I think I will try catching him for you Jilly, sound good?

Wednesday, June 13 7:30 pm My Room

I know I am old and out of shape- here is how. So, once we got back to the farm from the office I decided, “Hey, it is really nice out right now. I am going to go for a run.” Since I didn’t go that morning, the idea seemed just great. I mean, the sun was setting behind the rain clouds, the wind was blowing; it was all very picturesque. So, I put on my running shoes, grabbed my iPod, and went downstairs. Now, outside the quad (the building we live in) there are always at least 7 kids hanging around. They asked where I was going, and I told them for a run. From here, I took off. It felt really good. Wind blowing in my face, dodging mud piles from last night’s rain, looking at the crops growing, jumping over puddles- it was perfect. (You burn more calories dodging mud and water, right? That’s what I thought.) I felt like I was going at a pretty good pace, I was well outside the main grounds of the farm, when it happened. My iPod was just changing songs, and as it got quiet, I heard the pit pat of bare feet. Four of them. Then I saw two little bodies dart past me. Yup- that’s right. Two of the boys I thought I had left in my dust back at the quad just left me wiping the dust from my eyes. “Crap!” I said to myself. “I suck! Here I am panting, pouring water down my throat, and these two are running bare foot… and they are faster than me!” Then, (now this is the worse part about the whole experience) Samde starts blowing into a reed every time I stop running! Run, run…run… walk, walk…walk…TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! Run, run…run…walk, walk…walk…TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! I haven’t decided if I want to hide from Samde every time I want to run, or recruit him as my trainer! What do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Happy Birthday Miriam!) 7:00 pm My Bedroom

So there are a couple things I have to update everyone on. First off- I am pissed. I was at the office today, as you saw by the few pictures I uploaded. Well, I was in the process of uploading four more when…crash. Yup. Lost them. We had been there for a couple hours, and it was beginning to get dark, so I couldn’t start over. Next time I go down, I will have more uploaded- that is when you will be getting this as well.

Also- any suggestions on arts & crafts pieces? One thing that I would like to do with the artisans is help broaden their repertoire on pieces to sell. I don’t know how many of you have seen the pieces on, but there are some really cool things that they make out of metal drums. Unfortunately, a couple are getting bored, and some of the things they make will not be profitable. I am wondering if you have ideas about things you would purchase and use? They are making angels for Christmas, etc. Check out Father Marc’s blog, and let me know

Specifically for Lynne

This picture is specifically for Lynne because I know how much she loves Crocs. See how useful they are though? It has been raining at night, then there is a lot of mud. If I didn't have my Crocs, my feet would be as dirty as Fegins and Jean Roberts!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Five Star Resort

Here is the before picture of my room. It is in disarray with all my clothes and crap. I was so stinky and hot when I got there (as you saw, but didn't smell..lucky for you) that I HAD to take a shower fast. I threw everything around looking for things so I could clean off. Then I got to unpacking... take a look at the miracle.

Here is my finished room. It took all afternoon and another shower to finish it, but I am happy with my results. I think maybe when I return I will go into interior hotel room design... Sarah or Colleen, wanna hook me up? :)

This is a view of the extra bed in my room. Jami, you get to be the first to room with me! Yeah! Everyone else- doesn't it look appealing to stay at "Hotel Paige"? I am a good hostess. I kill the spiders that come to visit no problem!

Final steps to get to Castel Pere

Here is a picture of my reusable boarding pass to get me from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes. I have to give it back when I leave the building so they can hand it to the next person. At least it is laminated...

Here is Ricardo. He made sure that my bags made it onto the plane, and that I made it onto the RIGHT plane. I almost got on the wrong one because I was trying out my new cell phone on this one guy back home and wasn't paying attention... Thank you, Ricardo!

Family- I told you people in Haiti take care of me.

Here is a gorgeous picture of me after traveling all night. Notice the sweaty hair. This is because inside the small airport (about the size of my parents family room and kitchen combined) there are only doors, not windows. And forget about AC. Oh yeah, and did I mention that there are so many people and bags that there is barely room to walk? In the pic I am on the little plane, anxious to finally get there. This is right before I fell asleep. I was tired, and didn't wake up till we landed.

See the people on the plane with me? No? That is because I had the plane to myself except for two other passengers. This was great because I was able to stretch out across the seats, aisle, and other seats. Yeah... my legs are long, but don't give me too much credit. The plane was small.

Before I post pictures....

It is times like these that I really, really miss my sister Lynne. Lynne, can I not respond to a blog message from someone? Help me!

Until Lynne fixes this problem of mine, I will do a quick response to everyone through a post. It kinda messes up my organization of my entires, but my obsessive compulsiveness will have to get over it so I can respond.

Tio Ricardo- It was great having an Easter egg hunt in June. Thank you for that. I loved hearing from you. I am sorry I couldn't talk to you right before I left. Also, there is a spell check where you can choose the font size and style. Look for it like an Easter egg! :)

Katee- It is so good to hear from you! Give everyone in Colorado a hug for me!

Gram & Gramps- Since you Mapquested where I am Grandma, does that mean you are coming to visit me?

AJ- I am going to miss Carlsbad this year. Eat a lot of sushi with my fam. I had to stock up, and had it the last three days before I left!

Auntie Alex- I am proud of you for blogging!

Dennis and Cynthia- It was really good to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words!

I hope that was everyone- Lynne. Hurry up and help me. (I am still bossy from Haiti, huh?)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, June 12 10:30 am Outside my Room in the Cool Air?...

Woke up this morning at 5:00 to the rooster crowing. Was planning on running before the sun came up, but my eyes wouldn't let me. Must be the jet lag. Woke up again at 6:18, and made it downstairs for mass at 6:30. Afterwards, Dan, Father Charlie and I had breakfast. Father Marc stopped in around 7:00. Things happen really early around here before it gets too hot.

We began discussing my "plan". I think I am going to help "manage" the arts and crafts program too. Sammy (one of the older boys) is a manager now, but doesn't do a very good job of it. I will help them decide what is profitable to make- such as metal pieces- what materials will be needed, and how to train the younger kids.. etc. I walked over to the building with him to check out what we have to work with. Not much. We will make due though- Onal had me paint a little with him as well. I am pretty excited about this job.

Afterwards, I met up with Dan and went to help roll dough to make Haitian bread in the solar oven. Dan really wants to get a bakery built, so he is experiementing and trying to train the guys on making new things. It is a great idea, and hopefully will happen soon! I will post a picture of where they are working right now- the states health department would have a hay day... but dang that bread tastes good! They would especially love Tipa jumping into the huge pile of kernals in the corner of the room for fun. At least a plastic piece is placed over the dough before it goes into the solar oven. That is a great edition.

Monday, June 11 8:30 pm My Room

My first night in MY room. It took all afternoon to unpack and rearrange. I will post pictures of my room transformation. I have to make it feel like home. All you loved ones, your pics are on my wall! Right now, I am sitting in the dark journaling by flashlight because I don't want to use all the generator power.

Today was a good day once I got here. Everything tastes better in Haiti. We had bean sauce and corn for lunch, and rice and beans for dinner. Doesn't sound like something I'd normally eat, does it? Wrong. It is DELICIOUS!

Aside from eating and unpacking, a couple of kiddos and I took a walk to see how much the baby pigs have grown since I left. If you remember, one of the days I was here over spring break, six pigs were born- so cute! Now they are getting big! Still cute though.

After dinner, we took out some jump ropes I brought, and jump roped under to dome. It was pretty fun until Tipa broke on on purpose. That frustrated me, so I went to bed.

Really tired. Peace!

Sunday, June 10 8:50 LAX

I hate journaling, but I am using it for a couple reasons. #1- My Mom is making me. (Funny how I am a 24 year old woman, traveling to another country for a year, but still afraid of upsetting my Mom.) #2- I want to keep everyone up to date on what I am doing. #3- As a mediation.

Right now I am using this journal as a stress release. So, we get to the airport, no issues. Get INTO the airport, that is when it starts. Wait in line for 45 minutes. One bag is too heavy. $25 charge. Guess the guy didn't think I was very cute. Security. No issues. Just a REALLY heavy bag on my shoulder. -sidenote- You know those annoying people trying to push the one carry on, one personal item to a new limit? That is Paige tonight. I've got the wheely suitcase. The "laptop case" A.K.A. another suitcase. The pillow. The cowboy hat. What a shmuck. Oh yeah, and apparently I am going country in Haiti.

Now, finally I am at my gate when I learn, great it changed. New line. Re check in. Finally sitting. Auntie Penny calls, so that makes me happier, and cry at the same time. I don't like the idea of people crying because of me. I am going to miss everyone, and know I would be sad if they weren't sad, but still. It bothers me.

All of you back home- STOP CRYING. I love and miss you, but no more tears! Big girls don't cry.

Well, we are starting to board. Got to peace out. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up on this thing!


Ok, so I pretty much hate journal writing, but my goal while on my "adventure" is to write and remember this time. Plus I received like 10 journals, so I don't want them to go to waste. I will be posting my entries here- I figured it was a pretty organized way to keep everyone informed. i like being organized. I will be posting pictures soon, but I don't have time today.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Getting Ready to Leave

Well, it is Thursday, June 7, and I am three days away from beginning my great adventure in Cayes, Haiti. At this point, everything is still surreal. It is not going to be my first rendezvous, but certainly my longest. As I look at my two duffel bags that are busting at the seams, it begins to hit me how much time I am going to be spending away from my home. Nervousness begins to creep over me as I think about leaving behind the luxuries I am accustomed to. Then excitement overtakes me as I think of seeing the smiling faces of my friends down in Haiti, and the new task I am about to pursue. After that, sadness as I think of the "see you laters" I will be saying to all the people I love in the States.

My mission while in Haiti is to expose the children of Pwoje Espwa to as much English as possible in order to help them gain the fluency they will need for higher education. I will be posting messages and pictures as often as possible in order to keep you all at home up to date on my progress. In doing so, I expect to hear about what is going on back home! I love you all!