Tuesday, June 19, 2007



  1. Ok....no one has posted a comment in awhile. I know it's hard for Paige to get back and forth to the internet access....so let's not let her down. We want her to have news from home each time she gets on the blog, right?

    I really don't have much to say about what is going on around here, Paige. Sam went to the vet's and ended up having 2 horrible ear infections. We are back to the drops in each ear, as well as oral antibiotic medicine each morning. Let me tell you...it's not a very fun thing to look forward to each morning. He does seem to be hearing better lately though.

    I have been thinking about your art projects and wondering if you could have the artisans make charger plates and napkin rings out of the metal. I know it would be something I would like to purchase....especially if it had a Haitian symbol of some kind on it. I would love to set the table on special occasions with reminders of your work in Haiti. I was also thinking about how the horns could resemble a billowing angel robe if turned upsidedown. (you would just have to think of how to turn that into an angel or a Haitian woman). Oh well.....just some silly thoughts. Anyway, I am constantly thinking about you, Paige. I miss you terribly. I love you "up to the sky"!!!
    (remember the always remember list)

  2. those are really great ideas, mom. thank you. i will pitch them to the boys. i am sorry I haven't posted in a while... it had been crap service lately, and i haven't spent much time here. hopefully we will get internet at the farm, that would make life a LOT easier for me. love you!