Monday, June 18, 2007

My Artists

This is Sammy creating a metalwork piece outside the arts and crafts house. He is VERY talented. He sketches a piece on the metal with a pencil, then uses another piece of metal and a rock to etch it out. In some of the other pictures you can see finished products.

Here is Choupy doing the same thing. Notice the pieces of toilet paper in his ears. As you can imagine, metal hitting metal is very loud. Thankfully our angel Aunt Dee is going to be bringing down some ear pieces for them. Hopefully that will help.

This is Honel and one of the Mackensons (there are three). Honel is very talented when it comes to painting- look in the background. He is also pretty good at speaking English.


  1. Paige,
    It looks as if you have started to settle in. I love your masterpiece "the room". You have made it your own home away from home=) The art is absolutely amazing. I bet with the talent I am seeing that anything is possible. Emilee and Kameryn think you are pretty darn special by the way. They are asking about you all the time. As Emilee said.."She is really a nice person for helping others." I would love to send you their dance recital pictures???Not sure where to send them??? I am loving this blog and I am intrigued by every entry you put in here. Keep it up=)
    Love, Katee

  2. Hi Katee,

    Please give Emilee and Kameryn big hugs for me. I miss those beautiful little girls. I would absolutely LOVE to see their pictures from their dance recital. You can still send them to my MSN e-mail. I check it as often as I post here. Thank you for checking in! I love you!