Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The First Wind Chime is Complete!

Here is Choupy mentoring Frankie. Choupy is really taking this working cooperatively thing seriously. On Monday, after working from 7:00-3:00 he started a drawing and painting class at the primary school. He had a great turnout- about 30 kids. I think we are going to have to make two classes though, because "shita" (sit down) was his most frequently used phrase. All his students were just so excited to show him their masterpieces! Welcome to the teaching world, Choupy! Eager students make the best students... but the most tiresome days!

Jean Remy with the first finished wind chime. He has taken so much pride in the new project, and is now teaching some of the younger artists his craft. He too is beginnning to really work cooperatively. I am excited to tell him there are already orders for his specialty! Jan, Katee, Auntie Pat- I will bring some home at Christmas time!


  1. Paige- I am so glad they are working on wind chimes - that is great- and they look absolutely wonderful. I am definitely wanting one. So you will have a couple orders for sure. Hopefully you are staying as cool as you can in the hot hot sun. I look forward to seeing more art pieces. It so fun to see all of your pictures. I had another thought...not sure you needed any more ideas on art pieces.. and maybe you are already making this...but you know those metal candle holders that are wall sconces- with the designs I have seen on the art blog, I bet they could make some awesome wall sconces with a unique design. Anyhow, take care of yourself. We love you. Love - Katee

  2. Hi Paige,
    Sorry this is my first note. I've just finished my second summer class, and they took too much of my time! I'm off to MT tomorrow. I've enjoyed keeping up with you daily. I love the wind chimes! Sounds like you'll have several orders for those. Went to lunch with your mom today. It was great to spend some time with her before I leave for 2 weeks. Take care. Love you- Carol

  3. HI PAIGE - I hope this gets to you. I've tried numerous times (Stopped counting) WOW - Look what I have been missing. Paige's Haiti Page is GREAT!!! Your pictures are wonderful and I love hearing about your experiences and the people too. Miss you, but can hear your voice thru your stories. Keep them coming and know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you always, Aunt Penny

  4. Paige, I miss you so much! Sammy does too!! Just thought I'd drop by and let you know I've been thinking about you. Hope you are having a good time! Love you so much.

    Love always, Will.

    PS. For your information, mom says I'm a lot better at doing the dishes then you and Lynne ever were, haha! :)

  5. Hi Paige, it's Aunt Mel. I think I read that you "got yarn?" Right? is a craft from your childhood. Do a "God's Eye." You know, where you take to sticks and then start wrapping a stick, crossing to the next stick, wrapping that, going to ... you get the picture. I just can't let this go.
    I love you very much and know that you are laughing out loud right now.
    Don't worry about the heat, humidity and thunderstorms. Next time we see you, we'll be in Utah. Snowy and cold!
    Love Aunt Mel

  6. Pam...did you catch the incorrect spelling of two? Gotta keep that teacher humor going.
    Love ya babe.

  7. Paige- Ok, so I am leaving blogs (hooray for me). Although, I am kind of nervous now to leave any blogs because of all the teachers reading these. All the mistakes you find on my email is going to be tripled here. I have no spell check. ouch. anyways. hope all is well. talk to you later.

    That one guy you use to talk to....Adrian

  8. This is fun... I read your blog almost daily to see if you have a new post. Love all the pictures.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Katee- i think you should come down and visit. the kids would love to meet the source of all these great ideas!

    Carol- it is good to hear that you and my mom went to lunch. Have a safe trip!

    Auntie Penny- it is good to hear from you...yes it went through. i miss you.

    Jill- you will never be better at dishes than me. it is a fact. p.s. Adrian said you shouldn't go to Las Vegas. he is too worried about you.

    Adrian- is that really you? you know how to post comments? who'd of thunk? haha..just kidding.

    Aunt Melinda- that is a great idea for the little kids. i am going to be working with a younger group, and had NO idea what to do. Thanks!

    Cynthia- always good to hear from you!

  10. Hello,
    my name is Amber Dack, I spent a week in Haiti in 2002 and my heart remains there. I went my junior year of high school and it forever changed my life. I am now finishing up my teaching degree because that was a promise that I made to the boys at St. Joesphs wheni left, i will be back one day to teach the children and to see the family anf friends that i left behind in 2002. I am writing because my mother also went on that trip to haiti and she has been back several times since. This year she was scheduled to return with my brother who is now a senior inhigh school. Because of some financial problems they are not able to make it. I have never seenmy mother so crushed, there would be nothing more perfect to add to her "haiti themed" living room and pack patio than one of these wonderful wind chimes. I too dream of haiti often and wake up with the sounds of the city and the faces of friends still fresh in my it was only yesterday. I have a daughter ofmy own now and we are sharing the magic of Haiti with her now. I would love to have at least 2 of those wind chimes if they are still in production. Thank you so much,gods love!