Friday, June 29, 2007

Artisan's House Friday, June 29 7:30 am

Here are some of our finished wind chimes! The other morning I walked into the Artisan's House, and was flabbergasted! They had moved all of their finished pieces of work to one room, organized everything, hung up the wind chimes, and cleaned up the paint cans and unfinished pieces. I didn't know what to say. Everything looks so beautiful. I complimented them like crazy on their initiative as well as their ownership. They are really taking pride in what they are doing, and it is paying off! I am like a proud parent.

Frankie is standing underneath his pride and joy- the moon with the stars. It doesn't sound as pretty as the purely varnished ones because of the paint, but he is very proud of himself.

Jean Remy also made the oak and maple leaves wind chime, as well as the butterflies.
If you look on the table next to Frankie, you will see a frame that Sammy made. It is for a mirror. He varnished one, and is in the process of painting the other.

We are really getting going on our pieces.


  1. Wow!!! I love the windchimes!! I also loved the frame and would love to purchase one for a mirror, Paige. Will you let us all know how to place our orders??

    It is so fun to read everyones' comments. Adrian and Melinda...I promise I won't ever critique your writing or even Paige's again. I am equally as guilty of grammatical errors. But both of your comments made me laugh.

    Don't get "worms" from eating too much cookie goop, Paige. I know you and you probably stood there and ate all of the "raw" batter so it wouldn't go to waste, right?

    Make sure you get those rice and bean recipes. I need to experience your daily diet and would love to make a sidedish here some night.

    Love you sweetie!!! XOXOXO

  2. Yes to all the art pieces. Incredible. I absolutely love the windchimes..butterfly one is my butterflies and so do my would love to order one of those- Also- the frame is great. I will want to purchase that too. =) Please tell all of the artists that they have an incredible gift. What a treasure. I would love to come down to visit. We will have to see..I still haven't been able to be without my girlies for more than 2 days...=) I bet the cookies were yummy! Love ya- Katee

  3. It seems like your orders for windchimes are building up, Paige. Your artists are going to have to work doubletime!!! Will you be bringing bunches of them home when you come for the holidays? I will help you distribute and mail them to those who requested them. You better be writing it down so you know how many to lug home!!!

    Katee- If you want to look at your work schedule and see if you could possibly get away for a week....your Aunt Pam would definitely go to Haiti with you!! I am thinking that I will be going sometime next year anyway.

    Hope you have another weekend to explore and experience Haiti the way you did last weekend, Paige.

    Love you up to the sky!!!