Friday, July 13, 2007

Today's Theme: Little Pests (Thursday, July 12)

Because we had no electricity and no Internet at the Quad today, Portia, Erin, and myself had an unwanted "vacation". We read, layed out on the roof, hung out with the Artisans, and were visited by a couple "pests". The overall vibe of the day was frustration. Portia and I both had quite a bit to accomplish, and yet, our hands were tied. Portia made an observation, "If there were a nuclear war right now, we would have no idea. We are on a island today." Now, this can be a good thing sometimes, however, when we had contacts to make, and reports to write, it was pure frustration.

Now, the best part of this day, to me, were the visits from the "pests". This is Denie. He is holding an American Airlines airplane. Aunt Dee and Jami left it for him, but didn't get to give it to him personally because he was always M.I.A. I was lucky enough to hand it over, and now, guess what...we are best buds. I told him it wasn't from me, that it was from Madame Dee and Jami, but it doesn't seem to matter to him. Oh well, they give a gift, I reap the benefits!

This is Ti Ti. He is three years old, and the most knock-kneed child I have ever seen. He is very easily amused, and when he laughs he sounds like Woody the Woodpecker. This is appropriate for him, being that he won't go anywhere without his Woodpecker stuffed animal. Here he is sleeping outside my room on a rug. I usually take catnaps here, but today, Ti Ti filled in for me. He fell asleep on my lap while I was at the Artisans, so I carried him back to the quad and let him rest. Doesn't he look like a little angel? He is.

So we didn't get our work done, oh well. We had a relaxing day with the reason we are all down here to begin with- to spend time with the children.


  1. Paige-
    I know I already mentioned this one other time...but do you ever look up in the night and see the stars and wonder if I am looking up at the same time? (Hence, The American Tale movie with Feivel?) I imagine it feels like you are stranded on an island somedays. Have you adjusted to always feeling a bit sticky and wet? I am not good at that these days. We are starting to feel a bit of the humidity that the monsoons will soon bring. The children are really beautiful...I enjoy the pictures when you share. It is so difficult for me to look at them and not feel a bit "haunted". I would be the official "child holder" on my lap if I were there. Take care. Thinking of you EVERY MINUTE I am awake. Love you!!!

  2. I actually have thought about that. I first started thinking about that when I talked to Taber the other day and he said, "I am so popular, Paige, the moon and the sun follow me." I told him that he and I see the same moon. After that, I thought about the song.

    I am starting to adjust, definitely. It is just weird to have to wear my hair uncute in a pony all the time, and carry around a rag to wipe the sweat from my face! Gross. Just sitting makes me sweat, so please, please don't complain about humidity in Arizona!

    Don't feel haunted, Mom. They are deeply loved by everyone- because of that, they are happy. I think I may squeeze Ti Ti into my carry on though when I come be ready!

  3. Hi Paige,

    He is so cute. They all look really sweet and seem to keep you entertained. Im glad that you are enjoying yourself. We all miss you but are glad to see you happy.

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  5. Woo Woo! I miss that little guy already! I downloaded "Don't Matter" this morning - I needed to be reminded of that song playing over and over again! It's amazing at how quickly I miss the smell of burning garbage and the songs the kiddos play over and over again!
    Love, Jami

  6. There's that deleted comment again.
    It makes me SAD and MAD, too, if someone is writing inappropriate messages to Paige. I think Paige likes to hear from us....but if it is like a "joke" to some people....then I wish they would stay off the blog!!
    Paige is working hard and has given up a let's keep her posted about fun things we do, like basketball games, getting ready to go back to school, or comments to express our concern and love for her. And I would like to thank Paige for all of the great information she includes about Haiti....I am learning more and more each day. NO MORE INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS THAT NEED TO BE DELETED!!!!

  7. I don't think that she deletes the comments. It's the people who write them, and delete them because they made a mistake or something. They're not about inappropriate messages.

  8. Thank you, no name. Who are you?? I feel better knowing Paige isn't the one deleting the messages because they are inappropriate....that it's the person wanting to comment that changes his/her mind. Whew!! I am sorry the person who deletes is so shy and afraid to leave a comment. I hope to find out who no name is. It is nice to talk to a fellow blogger!!
    Love you, Paigey!!! Sorry your mommy overreacts sometimes!!

  9. it is the person who wrote it, not me. chill out mom. who is noname?