Monday, June 18, 2007

Wednesday, June 13 8:00 pm My sink

Here is a story for Adrian, Kisha, Jan, Mike, and all my other camping buddies. You guys are going to love this.

Remember my story about the spider that slept with me and left me two fang marks in my fore arm back in March? Well, I think he heard that I was back because after my run, while in the shower, he decided to pay me a visit. There I am, shampooing my hair, when I look up, and “Hey! A spider.” (I think I am going to name him Charlotte.) “Hey! Charlotte! How’s it going?” Continue shampooing, conditioning. “Talk to you later Charlotte.”

Go downstairs for dinner. “Hey! Charlotte! How’s it going up there on that wall? Have you been sucking a lot of blood because your body is now about the size of a half dollar instead of a quarter? Keep up the good work.”

Go upstairs to wash my face. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ in my ear. Turn and look. Nothing. BZZZZZZZZZ in my other ear. Turn and look. “HEY! YOU ARE NOT CHARLOTTE!” The biggest, blackest, bug (I’d say about twice as big as Charlotte, no exaggeration) I have ever seen flying around my head. I duck, hoping it will disappear. Lucky for me, my door opens just then, Jean Robert walks in. Big Black Bug flies out.

I think I will try catching him for you Jilly, sound good?

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