Monday, June 6, 2011

Dbacks Game.

Just a couple days after returning to Arizona, my good friend Shaun and our friend Crystal took us to the Diamondbacks Game.

Wilson was in shock with how big the stadium was, and how loud it could get. Though he had a great time, he did admit that baseball is probably not is favorite sport to watch.

Though it was April in Arizona, we both had to wear sweatshirts as the night went on. (Yes, we are wimps.) After being in Haiti, air conditioning is a foreign concept, and cool nights just don't exist. We both had to go out and buy sweatshirts the day after we got back.

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  1. Paige. As always glad I was able to provide such an amazing experience. You 2 are amazing and when you add Crystal to the mix how could we not have fun. Cheers to many more memories about to come