Thursday, January 27, 2011

TOMS for Consolation Center

Long time friend, Edy Constant started his own girls orphanage not too long ago. We partner with him as often as we can. We share food, clothing, and offer assistance in other areas when we can, and Edy does the same. Recently, we were able to provide his younger girls with TOMS Shoes.

Nancy, Sandey and I had such a great time with the girls. Nancy painted nails while Sandey and I "fit feet."

It's funny because there are so many people so eager to help Haiti, and yet, nobody wants to collaborate. Being here as long as I have, I have met many, many people, all with good intentions and hopes for Haiti. I have met people wanting to start a business in Haiti to boost the economy, I have met people wanting to work on the agriculture in Haiti, and I have met people wanting to start their own orphanages in Haiti. All of these people have big hearts, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

Unfortunately, the majority of these groups want to be THE group that saves Haiti. Unfortunately, the majority of these groups think they know what is best for the country and people of Haiti without really spending time learning about the culture, other than what they see and hear in the news or their short visits. Unfortunately, ego gets in the way of many of these groups, and eventually they fall.

The thing I love about visiting Edy and his girls is that he has vision. He works with the people in his community, as well as in the greater Les Cayes area, trying to connect others and collaborate. Much like Father Marc and Espwa, he doesn't have ego. He doesn't try to "save Haiti". He does what he can do as he can do it. And that is why he is successful.

"tet ansamn, n'ap rive." Heads together and we will prosper. That is what Haiti, and all well intentioned people need to remember.


  1. You are correct Paige..Haiti will survive and grow when people and groups like Pwoje Espwa, Edy, EDUPlus Haiti and TOMS shoes work together. We are all ONE family!

  2. well said, Paige. Thanks for being part of the solution.

  3. Great insight Paige. It is a privilege to partner with Edy and Djoune. We hope to be there in 2 weeks to help build the school for the girls. Just want to do what we can to help and not be part of the problem.