Friday, June 15, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Happy Birthday Miriam!) 7:00 pm My Bedroom

So there are a couple things I have to update everyone on. First off- I am pissed. I was at the office today, as you saw by the few pictures I uploaded. Well, I was in the process of uploading four more when…crash. Yup. Lost them. We had been there for a couple hours, and it was beginning to get dark, so I couldn’t start over. Next time I go down, I will have more uploaded- that is when you will be getting this as well.

Also- any suggestions on arts & crafts pieces? One thing that I would like to do with the artisans is help broaden their repertoire on pieces to sell. I don’t know how many of you have seen the pieces on, but there are some really cool things that they make out of metal drums. Unfortunately, a couple are getting bored, and some of the things they make will not be profitable. I am wondering if you have ideas about things you would purchase and use? They are making angels for Christmas, etc. Check out Father Marc’s blog, and let me know


  1. Hi Paige - You are so amazing. Your room looks fanastic!! I will try and think up some cute ideas for your kids to make. What material do you have to work with?
    - Jack and Scott arrived last night and they are so great. I am looking forward to spending time with them. They just left to the movies with Nicholas' and thsi afternoon we will be barbque and swim. Wish you were here but it sounds like you are happy right where you are. Love you and take care- Love Auntie Alex.- By the way I am loving this blog thing - I check it daily- I have become obsessed! Love ya-

  2. Okay Paige....I am pretty much pissed. sorry everyone...excuse my french! I missed your call 2 days in a row. The first one, didn't even ring and I just got your voicemail...second one I was sitting in an advanced sales training for work and couldn't answer. I miss you, call me again soon...promise I will answer. Secondly- I will try my hardest to figure out this blog thing for you...I have just been so busy with work.

    Your room looks awesome...Definitely a change from your bedroom at home. Colorful! Its been different without you...Adrian texted me the other day. We are planning on having a Hell's Kitchen marathon next week sometime. By the way....Nicole and i watched the season finale of one tree hilll...AMAZING! I am saving it until you get home...6 months...just for you! I'll watch it with you.

    IWTTYLMBFF Paige!! :-)

  3. I really like this blog thing! It's almost as cool as myspace:) I check it everyday to see what you have posted. I was a little upset yesterday when you hadn't updated it yet!!! I hope all is well! Take care.

  4. Jack and Scott had a blast with Auntie Alex and Uncle Rick today. They are heading over to your Mom and Dad's house for some fun. Scott's having fun text messaging Jill.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the blog Paige. We're addicted to it as well.
    Uncle Roy, Aunt Melinda, Scott, Nicole, Chad and Jack...SuzyQ too...Aarf!

  5. HI Paig-ie! This is Jill, on mom's account. How are you? I apologize for taking a long time to post a comment on this thing. I hope this works, because if it doesn't I am going to be really mad if it erases anything I typed. I miss you so much, and Nicole, Lynne's friend, fixed my braclet that Lynne bought us so now I am finally wearing it! I hope you are still wearing yours, because it makes me feel really close to you and Lynne. We just got back from driving in my new mini cooper with the boys, Scott and Jack. Jack wants me to tell you that he was really squished in the back seat, but they enjoyed it. I love you so very much, and miss you bunches. I will write you again soon when I am alone. Be careful Paige, I love you! I am thinking about you.

    Love always, Will. :)

    PS. Here is a comment from Jack, he wants to say:

    Jack: "I was squished in Jill's new car in the back seat, that was not funny. I love you and miss you, bye".

  6. Hey Paige! This is Scott, on Auntie Pam's account. Sorry, mine doesn't work. I miss you so much! I cant wait to see you. Im having a blast in Arizona and right now im at your house. I wish you were here so that we could swim together. I went in your little sister's car. It was awsome but my bro and I had to sit in the back. It was so fun. The car reminded me of my little brothers toy car. I miss you so much. See you soon.

    Love Scott or Scottie

  7. Hi everyone!
    It makes me so happy to see all the comments when I finally, after no exaggeration- four hours, log on! Now, hopefully I will get to post all my new entries- I think I have about 10!

    Auntie Alex- we have metal to work with, wood, cow horns, yarn, natural types of things.

    Kisha- sorry to disappoint you, I get disappointed to when I can't post! Ah! Want to know what I am disappointed about? Your brother not posting any comments. You know he doesn't have anything else to do all day...

    Scott and Jack- Glad you are having fun in AZ. I wish I could be swimming with you in the pool, instead of swimming in my own sweat here. If Jill's car is too squishy for you, do you think it would be for me?

    Love you all!