Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Let me explain. I checked my regular e-mail a little bit ago, and I got what you would call "hate mail" from my sister Lynne. She basically said that she is never speaking to me again because I didn't give her enough attention and comment on her one measly post she left for me. So, in order to try and reconcile with my sister, I decided to dedicate an entire post to her.

Lynne, my love, thank you for the comment. Thank you for apologizing for being a bad sister and not telling your boss you needed to answer your phone because your sister in Haiti was calling you at fifty cents a minute. I do sure hope you will forgive me. As I put on my Crocs this morning I thought of your beautiful face and messy hair. If you could see my right now you would see that I am giving you the finger wave.




  1. Lynne and Paige.....stop writing the "p" word!!! You were angry, not "p____ed"!!!

  2. Paige-
    Good for you and taking the 'big sister' route and acknowledging your sister; it's always those middles who feel neglected. However, to Lynne, the middle can be the best: just think, what's the best part of the Oreo cookie?
    Have a great day, Paige:-)

  3. Wow- I can't wait until my girls get to be your ages! =) I can only hope they are as close as you two are. They are the best of buds now so we will see. =) So- Paige I can't find your email address because I guess I have had a momentarily lapse of memory...happens as I get older =) Don't laugh...=)Would you please be so kind to send me an email at jay.kat@comcast.net so I can reply and store your email. Thank you so much. Also...I love trying to decode you letters as you sign off..That is great..sister love. What about windchimes? Is that something that could be made with the metal they have to work with? Just a thought. Love ya, Katee

  4. Katee- my e-mail is paigeorlowski@msn.com

    Yeah, we are pretty close, that is why it is hard being away, hence the arguments. haha.

    I LOVE the windchime idea. I will bring it up to Father Marc and Sammy tomorrow. As soon as one is completed I will post how it turned out. Thanks for the idea!

    Love you.

    P.S. Sorry, Mom. Don't be pissed that we keep writing pissed. :)

  5. i cant get into this stupid thing. it keeps forgetting my name and password. what the crap.

    thank you for this message. we can be sisters again...and no mom, i was not just angry, i was pissed. i miss your guts. if you ever cant get a hold of me on my verizon phone, call my alltel one. 602.341.9303. i have a lot to catch you up on, but its so hard to do it over this typing, i'd like to talk to you over phone....even if it has to be like "BOBHADABABY, ITSABOY!" you know that commercial?!

    anyway, you'd be proud of me. you taught me well...i keep have to cleaning up after nicole and her cups and her not turning the lights off..eventually she will learn.



  6. Ok so first of all your sister is WRONG she blames lights on me even if she left them on. Oh and by the way we had to cook dinner for the boys last night and guess who cooked! And then guess who cleaned the whole kitchen! Your sister LIES! But I hope all is going well and I hope your enjoying yourself.

  7. wow, lynne.. nicole really called you out on that one! you go nicole. I heard about the dinner thing. i told adrian he needs to meet these boys and give his approval. lynne, ask mom and dad for my number. it is a LOT cheaper if you call me than visa versa. i would love to have a quick convo with you... "HOWYOUDOINGLYNNEDIDYOUDUSTANDCLEANUPTHECUPS?OHYEAHANDDONTWEARMYJEANS!"

    that will be our convo...ok? haha. miss you both.

    p.s. i will try to get your response to your e-mail out soon. i have been pretty busy. adam is cute though...he'd better make you smile though.