Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok, so I pretty much hate journal writing, but my goal while on my "adventure" is to write and remember this time. Plus I received like 10 journals, so I don't want them to go to waste. I will be posting my entries here- I figured it was a pretty organized way to keep everyone informed. i like being organized. I will be posting pictures soon, but I don't have time today.


  1. Paige...How come I can't see Auntie Alex's blog comment. So far I am only able to read 8. Did you sign up where only Paige can read them, Alex?

  2. No, everyone can read them. She and Uncle Rick just like to leave them in the wrong places. They call it "Easter egg hunts". (I call it not know what you are doing.) :) Have fun in Havasu. I am jealous you will be on the water all day. Try to keep your phone around Sunday morning. I will call when you are all together- probably around 8 or 9 your time, sound good? Love you! Tell Jill good luck on the space thing.. no, wait, tell DAD good luck on Jill's space thing.