Monday, June 18, 2007

Specifically for Will a.k.a. my baby sister

This picture is for Jill. Jill, these are probably the FATTEST puppies in Haiti. One is a boy, and one a girl. They are the only two that made it this far in life, so Momma Dog has lots of extra milk for them. They LOOOVE playing in the bushes. They are pretty dang cute, you would like them Jill. Maybe I will bring one home for you along with Charlotte the spider.


  1. Hey Paige, this is Jill again on mom's account. My account isn't working for some reason so I have to keep using hers. Anyway. Haha, very funny about the spider. There is no way you are bringing that thing all the way down to Arizona just to scare me, right? I hope not. Don't get my hopes up about the puppy though, please. You are right, I would like them. They look adorable. Just got back from bowling with the boys. We all got a lot of strikes, Jack and Scott did very good. I wish you were there to see it. I will write more soon, thank you for posting the picture of the cute dogs. Sammy misses you coming over, so you can give him a treat! :) I love you!

    Love always, Will aka Paige's baby sister.

  2. Hey Paige, now I have my own account. The boys are leaving to go back to Auntie ALex and Uncle Rick's house today, because they are going to a baseball game tonight. I will write more later, I just wanted you to look for my name now. I love you! I am touching my bracelet right now.

    Love always, will. :)

  3. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was put on my bracelet and think of you and Lynne. I miss you! Hey, why did you make your name Jill... it should have been Will. That would be better. Give Sam a big treat, make him throw up, and then think of me. The puppies are really cute, but I don't think they will fit in my carry on by the time I come home. Sorry!