Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday, June 18 4:00 La Madonne

So today I was able to have my first experience with the accounting office at La Madonne. La Madonne is the building that is the office, where Father Marc lives, and where I go to check my mail and post to you all.

Anyway, so it was really interesting to get to fill out a form for money for the artists to get supplies, bring it to the office, and then get all the goods (that is the money form they use here) so I could deliver it to Sammy and Honel. I also had an expense report printed out so I can see what our budget is, and what I have to work with. I kind of feel like Dad. Maybe I will try to get my Dad's job when I get back- bossing people around and spending money... Now, everyday when you go to work Dad, think about your daughter doing the same thing in Haiti! haha.

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