Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday, June 19 10:00 am

This morning has been so productive, and I am so proud of my artists! I went to make sure they were all working this morning, and sure enough, as I approached my ears started hurting because of all the banging! I was happy. I showed them the expense report, and asked Honel to start working with Frankie (one of the younger boys) to teach him the painting techniques he uses.

When I went back around lunchtime I was amazed! They had been working together all morning, and had basically used all five metal drums to make new pieces. Frankie was painting, and Honel had finished a couple of great pieces. I am VERY excited to tell Father Marc about all of this. Now, we just need to sell it so we can get more supplies and make more!

Look on www.freethekids.org and order some pieces to support us!


  1. Hey Paige! I went to the website to see/buy the art work but I couldn't find it?!? Have you been to the site lately? If so what is it under? Sounds like your enjoying yourself. BTW your Aunt Flow should be in town by now:)

  2. Really? No, I haven't had a chance to look- I prioritize checking my e-mail before we lose signal. Look for something called Konny's Korner..if not, check on the old website www.theoswork.org. I am happy that you are checking! I miss you... Thanks for the info BTW- and she is on her way out the door...probably visiting you or Lynne. Haha.

  3. I wonder who Aunt Flow Is?....

  4. hahahaha... this is a hilarious section. jill... maybe we will explain it to you when you start doing the dishes all the time.