Friday, August 31, 2007


I did not have a post for today, so I thought I would add a few pictures that I really love. The first one is of Fery. He is sitting right outside the quad with my iPod, singing Lloyd. Since then, my iPod has earned the name Lloyd because whenever the kids want to hear my iPod, the say, "Lloyd"... I think it's either because they don't know what an iPod is, or because they really think that's what its called.

The second picture is of a couple kiddos with "sad eyes".

The last picture is one that Angie sent to me. I love it. The kids are playing on the metal rods that are meant to hang the laundry out on.


  1. Hi Paige-
    I just love that you share these pictures that capture spontaneous and special moments: those of sadness, and of joy in unexpected places. It helps give me perspective of some of the daily experiences that are commonplace in Haiti, and that you've had the privilege of seeing firsthand.
    Stay well!

  2. LOVE tipas face in the left corner. love it.

  3. Auntie Pat- I definitely agree that it is a privilege that I get to be here with these wonderfully special children. I took a R&R day at the beach today- I am feeling better.

    Erin- How is Tipa the fish doing? I told Tipa you named your fish after him and he seemed to like it. He and I are best buds right now.