Friday, August 17, 2007


Unfortunately, the hurricane is scheduled to reach us tomorrow afternoon, around three o'clock. Fortunately, we have been staying updated on the weather changes, and have been making preparations.

Yesterday, the Uruguayan Military came bearing water for our children. The water is going on the second floor of the primary school, along with the children. Windows are being boarded up as we speak, along with Father Marc leading an emergency meeting with the staff. Plans have been made for extra food and storage, placements of vehicles and animals (Chub will stay in my room with me), and other ends are being tied up. We have boys on the roof of the quad securing our water tanks, and covering skylights. We are on top of it.

Shortly, our satellite will be taken down, so I will not be updating until the storm passes. I do have my cell phone, along with extra phone cards, so I will be keeping in touch. I will let you all know how we make out. Don't worry too much- I love you!


  1. ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I feel so helpless....I am praying REALLY hard, Paige. I love you!!!!

  2. Good luck Paige- Our thoughts are with all of you as well- You stay safe okay! We love you!

  3. Deep breaths . . we are on pins and needles. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, your staff and your children. Stay strong and we love you. Until we write again:)

  4. Paige. Thank God you are there for the kids. You are all in our prayers and I know you will be safe. Just know I am sending you and the kids and the staff and Fr. Marc my prayers. I am also praying for your family that they will get through this really difficult time.
    Be Safe - We love you!!!!!



  6. Paige! I don't know how to feel!! I want to cry cuz I want you to be safe, and at the same time I'm jealous. I wanna be in a hurricane! I'm praying for all of you. Hurry back to the cyber world. Love and miss your guts.

  7. Dennis and I are thinking of you Paige...we hope that your area will be safe from the hurricane!
    Hugs...Cynthia & Dennis

  8. Paige,
    I am thankful it seems to have passed from your area- thank goodness you are all safe. We are still thinking of all of you.
    Love ya-Katee

  9. I must repeat your Mom's comments. Uncle Pete and I were praying that the hurricane would change it's path. Whew! I know the winds and rain must have been horrific. Just stay safe. We love you!!!

  10. Hi Paige-
    Remember me???
    I'm so happy to read and catch up with all of your 'Haiti happenings', now that I have computer access to you again!
    It's wonderful to see that you've grabbed each and every opportunity with your typical enthusiasm and zest for life!
    Stay safe and well...and know that you are loved so much!
    AP xoxox