Sunday, August 12, 2007

Future Entrepreneurs

On Thursday, the Artisans met with two BTI interns for the first time. The two women will be coming three times a week to work with the artists on business skills, working cooperatively together, organization, and other skills that will help them to become entrepreneurs. Sammy, who is now the head of the arts and crafts, took this meeting very seriously, and scribbled notes the entire lesson. Hopefully his enthusiasm will continue, as well as rub off on some of the more reluctant artists.


  1. It's great how focused they are. I wish I could do the same.

  2. This picture reminds me....I have been wondering when the school year begins for the children at the orphanage??
    Another thought I had was....wondering how big Chub is getting. It was so fun to hear you reprimand him in Creole when I spoke to you last. Will your dog be bi-lingual??? Ha! I love that the children are as excited about you learning their language as you are about teaching English to them.

    Who holds the record for getting the most rocks through the wire?
    Love you!!

  3. poor little frankie. if i was 12 i wouldn't understand anything they were saying. i'd be thinking the whole time "just let me go back and paint woman!" but that's awesome for them.

  4. younghoodstar,

    you can be as focused as them. i believe you.


    yeah, frankie and ronique arent geting that much out of it... however, they are both such good kids, they sit in their desks and pretend they are listening! hehe.