Wednesday, August 8, 2007


This is Kevin. The first time I saw him I had to do a double take because I thought he was Raja Bell (my favorite Suns player). Doesn't he look like he could be his child? I love Kevin. He is one of the younger children here, and every time I see him he gets a BIG grin on his face, runs up to me, and gives me a kiss.

(Picture by Portia)


  1. Yes....I agree. Have you confused Kevin yet by calling him little Raja??? You have a way of creating nicknames for some of your faves.

  2. yeha he does. paige i miss yous so so so so much. guess what lindsey and i def saw raja at blockbuster today isnt that crazy i was in awe when i saw him. lindsey says hey and she misses you.

  3. Elina,

    I miss YOU sososososo much... I have a feeling you missed me most in Carlsbad when you had to do the dishes and I wasn't there to help you... am I right? That is CRAZY that you saw Raja at Blockbuster. I am SO jealous. I saw my lil Raja today. haha. Tell Linds I miss her too. How is your school year going? E-mail me and update me! Love you Mini!