Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Chub likes sleeping with one of Erin's shirts that she left. He hugs it. It is really, really cute. Chub has gotten so big in the last few weeks- he definitely is living up to his name. He now knows how to "vini" and "chita". ("come" and "sit"). He also started growl at the cats when they try taking his food.

He is becoming so popular now, and everyone is so impressed with him, that some of the kids are saying that he belongs to a teenager that is on summer vacation right now, and when he comes back he is going to take him from me. It's just because I am so good at training him. He isn't going anywhere.


  1. glad my clothes are so useful :) he's huge!

  2. Oh he is so cute and cuddly! Makes me want to get another dog!
    That is so cute that he is hugging a pink cuddly shirt!

  3. yeah, i am wearing the rest of your clothes, but chub wanted a memento from you. haha. you are right, he is getting SO big. i cant pick him up by the scruff of his neck anymore! :(


    he is such a good dog. everyone loves him. i dont know how i am going to leave him in a year. i may try to smuggle him back into the states... shhh...

  4. He is so found a great friend. :-)