Friday, August 24, 2007

Sad Eyes

This morning I tried very, very hard to find children full of despair for the website. When the children asked why they had to be sad, I didn't know what to say. Because Americans are more willing to give money to children who look starving and sad, not happy children like you?

I was feeling unsuccessful. All of our children were happily playing marbles in the dirt, floating their plastic boats in the mud, or throwing rocks at the mango trees. Not a sad child in sight. I had to settle for children who have "the eyes", as I have come to call seen. "The eyes" are happy at first glance, but when you look deeper, there is a sea of sadness. Davidson (pictured left) has the eyes. It seems that every time I see him, whether he is smiling or not, his eyes are hiding the pain his little life has seen.

Belino and Katlen also took some coaxing to keep from smiling. As you can see though, their eyes are also heart wrenching. They have probably seen more pain than I have in my entire life, but why would we send money to them? They have shirts. They aren't starving. They have everything.


  1. Glad to see you are back on line. These are sad eyes that will be embedded in my heart. I am glad you are there bringing hope, laughter and bright moments to all the children. You're becoming a pretty good photographer also:) Take care and stay strong. Love, j

  2. Hey Paige. I hope all is well by you, I've been reading up on your blog and I'm so greatful the storm was not as bad as it could have been. I'm not sure if anyone has reached you yet on the news about Vanessa's brother Jason. I hate to leave a message so devistating on your blog but I dont know how else to reach you and I thought you'd like to be be informed. Jason has unfortunatly passed on, he took his own life a week and a half ago. I wanted to let you know so you can keep his wife Laurie, Vanessa, Aramis, and the Garcia family in your thoughts and prayers. We will miss him and his wonderful spirit in this world of ours. Keep safe Paige. Love you always. Kelly

  3. Kelly,

    I am speechless as I write this. Please e-mail me- I hate leaving my e-mail here, but don't know how else to get in touch with you. I'm sure everyone reading this will keep the Garcia family in their prayers. Kelly- please get in touch with me asap.