Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sweet Micky- A true Haitian Adventure

This week is the annual Bonne Fete. All week there are musicians playing at different venues, religious ceremonies at the churches- basically it is like a Haitian Mardi Gras or Spring Break. On Monday night, a group of us decided to go see Sweet Micky- one of the most popular Kompa singers in Haiti play at the Bay Klub. Johnny, Sophia, Dan, Portia, and myself met up with Frankell, his fiance, and Sammy.

The entrance fee was a little too much, and we weren't planning on staying the entire time since it wasn't starting until 9:00 (11:00 Haitian time). While we were debating on what to do, Sammy sweet talked the security into letting us sit inside until Sweet Micky came. Perfect! We walked right in, sat down, and chit-chatted while listening to the DJ.

A short time later, Portia was feeling tired, so she left. It is right around this time that this story begins to get interesting. Sweet Micky arrived along with his bouncers with palms out wanting tickets. Obviously, we didn't have them.

While Sammy paparazzied Sweet Micky with my camera, and Frankell tried cutting a deal with the bouncers, my brain started working, and I had an idea- "I will sweet talk Sweet Micky!" Dan and I walked over, and asked his body guards if we could take a picture with him.
Sweet Micky turned, realized I spoke English, and we chatted it up and had picture taken together. Of course he says yes. I tell him that we have to get going because we don't have tickets. Sweet Micky didn't like this very much, so he spoke with the security, and basically we became VIP members. In and out, no questions asked. After exchanging e-mail addresses (Sweet Micky is claiming he wants to work with me and Pwoje Espwa after his tour ends on Labor Day) we let him be, and sat back down.

Around 11:00, it never fails, he began playing. I am beginning to feel tired, so I am not up front dancing, but instead sitting back and listening. Dan comes running over to me, "Paige! Sweet Micky just gave you a shout out! Get over here!" Sweet! So I push my way to the front of the stage when Sweet Micky gives me ANOTHER shout out! Dang, I am pretty awesome, I think to myself, and start dancing.

Around 12:30 we all decide that it is about time to get going. As we walk up to the car, we notice that there are a lot more cars then when we left. This could be bad...yup. Sure enough, our car is blocked in by three other cars. The concert is still going strong. We are never getting out of here.

"Let's go ask Sweet Micky to ask this car to move- if it does we can get out."

We all walk back in. The security pushes people out of our way so we can get through quickly (remember, we are VIP). Dan walks up to Sweet Micky's body guard and whispers in his ear, "Can you tell Sweet Micky that Paige needs to go home, and our car is blocked. Can he ask whomever owns this car to move?" The body guard walks over to Sweet Micky and whispers to him. He stops his music, and in the microphone makes the announcement. Then he starts playing.

We walk back to the car. Nobody has moved. We walk back into Bay Klub and repeat the process. Again, Sweet Micky stops playing and makes the announcement, adding a couple threats to the car owner. We walk back to the car. No luck.

We are going to have to sleep here, or move the cars ourselves. It is 1:30. We are tired. We opt for moving the cars ourselves.

Luckily, one of the cars left the doors unlocked. Sammy puts it in neutral, we all step behind it and begin pushing. One down, two to go. Car number two has all the doors locked, but the window is open a crack. Sammy sticks his arm in the window and unlocks the door. Repeat process. Two down, one to go. Sophia walks over to car number three. There are people in it. Great news! Are they sleeping? No. After interrupting the two occupants of the car, to ask them to move, we FINALLY are able to maneuver out of the parking lot. It's now 2:30.

We make our way home, reliving the night. As soon as we get home, we pass out in our beds. That was quite the night.


  1. Okey dokey.....that is a fun adventure, for sure! It's just that, um.....Dad and I just don't want a call from a Haitian jail next time we speak to you, missy!!! BE CAREFUL....and keep us posted on the tropical storms. Our prayers are with you!! Love you!!

  2. Well well Miss P.I.M.P! That was a funny story:) I'm glad you made it home safe. But I do agree with your mom and dad... BE CAREFUL! I guess you can do, and get away with certain things in Haiti then here right? Hope your treating yourself good. Talk to you later

  3. You go girl! ! ! As Taber would say, "That's what I'm talking about" Now I know who I am going clubing with . . right . . I will be home curled up in my fav chair with the remote close in hand. Miss you girl but glad to hear you are making connections that could turn out to be very profitable for the school. You have had enough BE CAREFUL'S, but here's mine also:) You know we love you and miss you . . Stay safe and we will be watching the weather channel. Love, j

  4. You are quite the "ViP" ! =) Looks like a lot of fun-
    Aunt Pam- you are so cute for worrying..but I have to tell you after reading the entire events that took place..I am a little worried to!
    Paige..Be cautious...there, I didn't say be careful, I said be cautious..that is different =)
    We are watching the weather too very carefully. We do hope it does not come anywhere near you. Love ya- Katee

  5. Mom, Kisha, Jan, Katee,

    i promise i will be careful with everything i do while i am here. i love you all!

    Mom, no haitian jail, i promise. i love you.

    kisha, yeah, i pretty much am a pimp... you will have to stick close to me when i get home, maybe it will rub off on you. how was your first week of school? was it as good as taber's? did you spend as much time on your hair as he did so the kids won't laugh at you?

    jan, i have a feeling when i get back i will be doing a lot of the curling up in a chair with the remote- haven't held one of those in over two months now. so i will probably be sticking close to you.

    katee, thank you for the caution warning. i love getting your comments. thank you for posting so often. when i get back i would love to talk to jason about his experience here. i had no idea he spent time here- that is really great!