Thursday, August 2, 2007

Laundry Day

So... I have been asked how I do my laundry while I am here. Well, I figured I would give you a little glimpse. Here are Erin and I, washing our shirts. Notice, in Erin's picture, the washing machine to the right of her "washing machine". Daniel did fix the washing machine. It does work. But only when we have electricity from the city, not when we are working off the generator. I prefer our method.


  1. Hi girlfriend . . I wish I looked as good doing my laundry:) It was sad reading Erin had left, but I can only imagine the impact she has had with the children and friendships she has made. I wonder what she must be feeling entering back into the fast-paced life style back here. Sounds like the beach was fun and there never seems to be a dull (or spare) moment. My prayers will continue to be with you and We all love and miss you. Love, j

  2. fabulous day. that was our "party day" leg shaving party... laundry party... um... i think there was another party in there somewhere... and to answer the above question, it is very weird to be back. everyone's selfishness is only magnified now. it was a fantastic experience and i hope to be back soon

  3. Very interesting...we should all have to try this out so we appreciate how easy we have it with our washers and dryers here at home. My goodness. How long does that take? Hope things are going well for you look great! We think about you everyday. Emilee is well into 2nd grade now and little Miss Kameryn stars Kindergarten in a week. Unbelievable. Take care of yourself. Love ya- Katee

  4. Hi Paige....
    Back from Carlsbad and feeling better now that I can get on the blog everyday again. I love our phone conversations and emails....but the blog is fun to get other Haiti info.from.
    I am so happy your cousin, Katee is so good about communicating. I think it is wonderful how supportive you are, Katee!! Love you!!

    Hi to Jan, and all the other family and friends on the blog!!

  5. Hi Jan,

    Yes, it was VERY sad seeing her go. I miss her SO much. It was almost like having a sister here. We do keep busy. I miss you, Jan!


    See above. Planning on e-mailing you soon... don't worry.


    I can't believe Emilee is in second grade now. That is too unbelievable. And Kameryn in kinder? wow... I am old. Please take some pics and send them to me! I will think about you when I do laundry tomorrow! haha.


    Love ya. Talk to you soon. It's nice to have you back on the blog again.

  6. Hey Paige! I've been keeping up with the page although I have not written until now, it was a busy summer! We were in Haiti, but only in Labadee, and just for day. What you're doing there is really great and I love reading about it. I miss our dinners with the girls every month, it's been hard to get everyone motivated to go! Hope that all is well and I will talk to you soon. Love ya!

  7. Paige---if you are old...well then I am needing a walker by now! =)
    You are still a youngin! Wait until you turn 32 yrs old and you wonder...hmmm...there is no turning back now! =) I are saying to yourself..."wow, katee is 32...that is getting up there! " he, he...I have to tell you, Emilee came to me and said "Mommy...are you really turning 32...because that is old!" Thanks Emilee...leave to the little ones to stick it to ya.
    Go do Laundry! Love ya - Katee =)

  8. Amy!
    It is sooooo good to hear from you, you married girl you. I am glad you had a good time, it would have been great to see you when you were here, but we are way south, and you all the way north. Send me pictures when you can. I miss you, and when I get back for Christmas, we will DEFINITELY make a girls night. Love ya!