Friday, August 24, 2007

The Accident

Angelo and Widmy are two of the younger children that watch out for Chub. They ALWAYS let me know where Chub is, what he is doing, and whether or not he is hungry. They are very good with him. As you can see, Chub loves playing with them, and they definitely don't mind the nibbling.

The last picture is of Chub sleeping right before the accident happened. As you can see, he is conked out- having great puppy dreams. I thought it was so cute how he was sleeping with his chin on the railing... little did I know, disaster was about to strike.

Shortly after I took this picture, I went downstairs to eat some cereal. As I was eating, I glanced out to the front gate. Just as I did this, I saw a puppy falling from the sky. Chub had rolled over and fallen off the second floor.

After massive amounts of screaming, both myself and Chub, children gathered around to see how he was. He could hardly move his leg. Worried it was dislocated, I wiggled it around, all the while he is crying. After a short time, he began slowly limping around. By the next day, he was running around like the Chub that he is.

Even though it has been almost a week since the accident, the children still talk about it. They add that God was watching Chub, and protected him as he fell so he wouldn't die. I believe them.


  1. he's huge! i can't even believe it. i knew it would happen. daredevil dog. he looks like a real dog now. you've raised him real good.

  2. How cute!!! I can see how the children would love this dog!! I am so happy he was not injured...just a little shocked and bruised. I think it is so fun to hear you talking Creole to him. You are really getting good at the language, Paige!!