Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sunday, July 29- Reward for Hard Work

Because of all the hard work the artists have put into their craft since I got here, and because we made some great money off the pieces Aunt Dee brought back to the States, I was able to take the boys on an outing to the beach as a reward. There were seven boys, Johnny our driver, and Erin and Daniel also went along. We all agreed that having the boys there made it THE best beach day of all time.

We swam, ate fish, played frisbee, turned children into sand monsters, and listened to music. Johnny brought a stereo that we hooked up to the car battery so we would have some Belo to listen to as we basked in the rays of the sun.

Consensus- Perfect Sunday.

Frankie brought me a picture the next day that he had drawn of all of us on the beach with a BIG thank you at the bottom. It was probably one of my favorite days here in Haiti to date.


  1. Hi Paige, it sounds like you had tons of fun at the beach with the boys. Around this time, I definetely want to hit the pool. it so HOT!

  2. I know what you mean! The water DEFINITELY feels nice and refreshing. In fact, it is times like these that I don't mind having cold showers!