Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Project: Build Paris a House

Late this afternoon, I was beckoned by Fery to, "Vini! Vini!" He, Jean Robert, and Dikenson had build a house out of broken cinder blocks and mud. I asked who the house was for, and they told me it was definitely NOT for Chub, but for the little orphan dog that was born in the same litter as Chub. She, Paris as the kids have named her (She is about as skinny as the real Paris), is usually being picked on by the kids. It made me happy to see they felt some sympathy for her and built her a house. I wonder how long it will stay standing...

I had to include this picture of Jean Robert. Isn't he absolutely beautiful. Fery took this picture, and I am so happy he did because I like seeing smiling children a lot more than the sad eyed ones!

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  1. I agree....these children ARE beautiful when they smile. I imagine it is hard NOT to smile around you, Paige.

    It is so interesting to see how creative the boys are with what they have to work with. I remember some of the forts and clubhouses you and your sisters made outdoors. I am smiling right now. Love you so much!!