Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Goodbye, Daniel!

On Monday, we lost another wonderful asset to Castel Pere- at least until March. Daniel, who was scheduled to stay for one month, but ended up staying two, left us for school. Daniel was our "go to" man around the quad. Daniel, you will be happy to know that when I saw the tractor drive by this morning, I expected you to be sitting on it. I also knocked my fan over, and it is making that weird noise again... I need you to fix it. But you aren't here. I am sad.

I miss you, Daniel... we all do. Have a good semester, and stay fantastic!


  1. I think Daniel looks sad. "All good things must come to an end", as the saying goes. The fantastic four will have to plan reunions in the future! But I am sure as the school year gets underway....you will be busy in a different way. You always find creative ways to make daily living lots more fun than most. Love you, Paigey!

  2. we are planning on march. daniel will be back for spring break. portia had better be here. erin is working on it as well. it is also when my birthday is... hopefully someone else will make the trip...

  3. Sure!!! I'll be there! Just kidding....I know you are talking to "the boy you once thought was cute".