Friday, August 24, 2007

Night of Dean

One week later, and I am finally posting again. My deepest apologies for taking this long. If you haven't heard, we faired very well through Dean. Father Marc and I actually spent Saturday night wishing for Dean to come. When we found out the next morning that it had passed all we could say was, "that was it?"

Father Marc's blog has some great shots of the wind that we experienced, as well as how the school looked in preparation for Dean from the outside. Here are a couple shots of inside the classrooms, where all the kids slept Saturday and Sunday night.

That night, some of the older boys stood watch outside the school, as well as making the rounds, ensuring that the children were safe. They took their job very seriously, and it was great to see and feel the sense of community among everyone.

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  1. I am soooo relieved you all made it safely through that scare. I think it is wonderful how the children all seem to look after one another. I am sure your "motherly instincts" help the little ones feel better, too. I know how much you love storms, so in a way I am sure you were a little disappointed. NOT ME!!! I HATE storms, as you know. Too many tornados growing up. Do you have even more humidity than usual now??? Give us a quick weather report! Love you!!