Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh, Blog. How I've missed you...

It has been over a month, and I think I am starting to go through withdraws. With drawls from my blog. Withdraws from telling my stories. Withdraws from Haiti. And most of all... withdraws from the children of Espwa.

Wilson and I have both been in touch with Espwa, and they have recently had some great visitors- especially from OWU, Dr. Cynthia, and Sue. Work has been done on the clinic, the children are growing, the English program is progressing, and though it has been raining a lot, life is good. I heard from Peter today, and both he and Father Marc went to the prison. Jah Roro is still hanging in there, and the prisoners sent their love. I cannot wait to get back, and get back to work.

Though, I have to admit... time here has been a blast.

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