Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is Chub. He is three weeks old. He is the fattest of all the seven puppies born in his litter. He is my puppy. I put a red sequinced ribbon around his neck. I am going to raise him to live in the quad.


  1. Uh-Oh....get ready for a comment from Jill. I imagine she will fall in love instantly!!

  2. I know Chub would get along great my my two dogs....=) He is so darn cut! I just want to give him big hugs.

  3. Okay...so I can't spell...oops- at least I caught it=) I meant to say he is so darn cute....not cut...but that is kind of funny!
    See Aunt Pam...I am still catching my mistakes!

  4. Where is cute little Chubs going to eat/sleep.....in your room, Paige? Is Chubs a girl or a boy?

    Katee, you are so funny. I wish I hadn't ever corrected Paige's grammar....I will never live it down now, huh?
    Hope your foot is healing and you are getting around better these days. Kind of hard to work and keep up with 2 little ones with a throbbing foot!! Take care!
    Paige....I love you!!!

  5. it looks like a possune..(n itz not a good thing)