Sunday, July 1, 2007

Choupy's Art Class

I thought that since I spoke so highly of Choupy and his drawing class with the younger children, I would show everyone what his class looks like. Here he is, with all his pupils crowded around him, in one of the classrooms at the primary school. Don't they look eager?! Kisha, I KNOW you can relate to Choupy and all his little ones in his face.

This is Fery, one of the older boys. (He is 14). He is working really hard on a drawing of a tree branch. That was the lesson on this particular day. Choupy brought a branch into the classroom, showed the students how the leaves and smaller branches connect, and then drew a picture of the branch on the board. He circled important areas for them to focus on copying, and then gave them each a piece of paper and crayon to try to duplicate. It was really an impressive lesson. He is working very hard.

Daniel is so impressed with him that he is generously donating some money to help fund Choupy's class. We will be buying more paper and crayons this week so the children don't have to share, and maybe they will even get two colors to work with instead of just one! Thank you, Daniel.


  1. It's so wonderful to see the students working in such a productive way. The future artists of our world could very well be sitting in that very classroom, huh?

  2. Oh yes! I feel his pain:) It's a rewarding feeling too. I finally figured out my username and password so I can post again! Yeah! It's too bad we can't send mail to you there. I have so much paper and I would love to send all of his students crayons. I would spoil them and send them markers, colored pencils, paint and everything! It's a shame that they don't have access to all of that like we do. It makes me sad just thinking about it, and how ungrateful my students can be. I think I'm going to show them your blog and let them see how excited his students are and the fact that they only have one crayon and are sharing paper. I still can not find the artwork for sale! I would love to buy some but I can't figure out how? When I buy some, are you bringing it home when you come in December?