Sunday, July 1, 2007

Father Marc's Blog

If you have not yet checked out Father Marc's blog, you should do it. There is a very disturbing post today. One that is the reality of Haiti. Tell me your thoughts.

click on Father Marc's Messages on the main page.


  1. Wow....this is was so sad to read about, Paige. Babies shouldn't know such violence and pain. I HATE that this is a reality. The page is really great. Lots of good information and helpful to those of us who still don't quite "get" why this means so much to you. I liked the picture of the orphanage....everyone can get an idea where you are staying if they look. Stay safe, Paige!!
    P.S. Do you still feel the same about your favorite animal? Ugh!

  2. Paige...Sorry, i have been so super busy to post any comments. I just want to let you know that i have been checking up on your blog every chance i get. I love reading about all of your experiences. I just checked out for the first time, it is very interesting and only helps to better my understanding.

    Not much has changed over here. I just got done painting my room....the same color as my old room. (remember when i refused to have the orange in my room...but then fell in love with it?) anyway, mom and dad came over yesterday...along with dallas and help dad move furniture and mom cleaned the garage. haha she complained the whole time about how unorganized you REALLY were. HA! I'm not the only one!! Anyway, everything else has been okay...been a little frustrated, but everything will be better once the house is done. I miss you a lot....Call me again sometime. its good to hear your voice.


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  4. I know it has taken me forever and I apologize. However I figured if Lynne could figure out how to send a blog then there is no reason why I can't. If Kisha and Lynne can do it, anyone can right. However, I just want to let you know I am keeping up with all of these blogs and they are entertaining, funny, cool, and sad all at the same time. Anyways I better stop before I leave to many errors and have all the teachers shake their heads on how poorly I write. ha ha. So on that note I will try and be as cool as Lynne and leave some acroymn that nobody will get. so HAGDPSINACAYSBWYHM

  5. this goes out to that one boy you thought was cute,'re an idiot. I am a very smart girl, and can figure out anything. I am normally the one to help Paige out with anything that has to do with a computer. BRAT.

    Paige...tell him you don't think he's cute anymore.

  6. Whatever Lynne. If i am not mistaken, it was you that had to call your dad to help you figure out how to turn on your X box, when all you needed to do was flip a switch. It's all good. I still like you. You are still one of my favorite Orlowski's. Anyways, this blog is for Paige. Paige, I hope you are doing well... eat a Mango for me.


  7. Alright you two... here is a message for both of you children.


    Adrian, I would expect this from Lynne, after all she is still a wait, scratch that... I would expect this from both of you.

  8. Excuse me, I would like to say something. If this, "that one boy who you thought was cute", happens to be Adrian. Adrian, I am very sad. You said to Lynne that she is still one of your "favorite" orlowski's. AHEM. I thought I was your favorite Orlowski. Well, fine! :) Haha, just kidding. Well, I miss you Paige, and I am back from Vegas, and I had a really good time! If you don't mind Kyle might comment on your blog every now and then too. I love you!

    Love always, Jill.

    PS. Adrian, if you are reading this, I did survive my Vegas trip, so you didn't have to worry about that. :) And it's okay if Lynne is your SECOND favorite Orlowski, just as long as I am your FIRST favorite.