Friday, July 13, 2007

Today's Theme: Camp Perrin (Monday, July 9)

Today we took a road trip to Camp Perrin. Portia needed to take picture of Matante's house that was funded by Cross International. As you can see, Camp Perrin is a GORGEOUS part of Haiti. It is up in the mountains, and it feels like a million degrees cooler- although I am sure it is really on 90 instead of 98. It took us a little over an hour to get there, and the distance was about 30 kilometers. (Most of the trip was dirt roads and pot holes.) Needless to say, our backs were aching a bit when we got there. It was worth it though for the view and experience.

Matante is a vital part of Espwa. Her name is Denise, but everyone calls her Matante, or " My Aunt" in English. She has been with Father Marc since the beginning, and has been a mother to all the children of Pwoje Espwa. I just love her, and it was so great to be able to see the excitement on her face as we checked on the progress of her house she will one day retire to.

Here is our crew that took the trip. Jeanvie is not pictured because he took the picture. He was our skilled driver. From left to right- Erin (she is with us until August 2 and has been helping with the agricultural needs) Daniel (he is staying an extra month- yeah!) Kellie (she was a visitor that came with Aunt Dee and Jami and left earlier this week...we miss you Kellie!) Portia, myself, Matante, and Dan.


  1. What a parent wants?
    A parent wants their child to be safe, for them to feel successful, to be building for a future for herself as well as for those that she loves and love her. A parent wants their child to have access to all the amenities that make her life better and healthier..including good food, proper medical treatment, and safe living conditions. A parent would like to be able to communicate with their child at will, assure that her nights are not alone and in the dark. A parent would like that she has friends, those that she can share a meal with at night in a favorite restaurant. A parent would like to insure that when she goes down to sleep at night she is comfortable and feels safe.
    Thats all a parent wants.

  2. Hi Paigey-
    I love that you get to do a little traveling in Haiti. The pictures are beautiful. I was wondering....if Matante still hasn't retired, how does she get back and forth to the orphanage each day if this was a day trip for you? If the vehicle you rode in that day was like the "ride" we took when we were in Haiti together....I imagine you were jostled around a bit.
    I was sorry to hear that Jami was sick during her stay. Maybe her body was trying to tell her to take a rest from that hectic schedule at work.
    I wish the internet wasn't such a difficult chore - all the waiting you do just to research or communicate must be the ULTIMATE test of patience. I wonder if when you return you will be the MOST patient one of our family?? I was wondering what has become of the talk of teaching English at the college, in addition to classes at the orphanage? I also wonder how good you are getting at your Creole?
    I just read Dad's comment and it sounds like he misses you. I believe he was responding to the comment Jami made about Fr. Marc feeling happy that you treat all of his children so well. I think he will feel better when you are closer to us. We all miss you so very much..
    Love you up to the sky and back!!!

  3. Mom and Dad,

    I love and miss you both SOO MUCH! My Creole is...well.. ok. This is what Portia says about my Creole, "How do you manage to communicate with them?" So, basically, not great. For some reason though, we understand each other..either that, or the phrase, "ignorance is bliss" fits perfectly with my situation.

    As far as Matante's house goes- yes, she takes that drive weekly. I guess you have to do what you have to do, right?

    I love you both! Talk to you Sunday!