Thursday, July 5, 2007

Theme of the Day: Diversions

As most of you know, it is sometimes difficult to update my blog due to lack of transportation, weather, and Internet connection. Well, recently, a new diversion has come upon me… no, three new diversions. Here are Jeff, Litan, and Beto (Look really close and you can see Litan's eye). They have been hanging out at La Madonne, and love to stop by the office for a “short” visit. All three are absolute dolls. They have a funny little skipping dance they do. They look a lot like Wilbur in the Charlotte’s Web movie. They are very good natured children.


  1. See how those "kiddos" are drawn to you???? I know you know where I am going with that. But's contagious to smile and have fun when precious children are a part of your day. I miss that smile of yours.

  2. I know. I know. Not discussing this.

  3. hehehee thats koo u should take pics of ther dance tingy :)