Friday, July 6, 2007

Today's Theme: Welcome Family!

So, it is Friday morning, and yesterday Jami and Aunt Dee came into town with Erin, Angie, and Kellie. I was SO excited to see them. The first thing I thought when I woke up in the morning was, "Aunt Dee and Jami come today." At breakfast, Frankell, Dino and Father Charlie reminded me, "Aunt Dee and Jami come today." When we got to the office and I was checking my mail, "Aunt Dee and Jami come today."

When it was finally time to drive to the airport to pick them up, we couldn't get there fast enough. I was so excited! It was so good to see them and hug them. Know what else was really good? The bag of M&M's Jami handed me as we walked to the car...mmm, I miss chocolate!

We had a nice rice dinner, and afterwards some of the children, Jean Robert, Jeff, Fery, sang and danced with us under the stars. Being that it was a long day of travel, however, bedtime was relatively early.

Today we have been walking around the farm, and now Jami and I catch up on e-mails while Aunt Dee goes to the market.

It is going to be a great week with my family.


  1. Have fun this week. I hope the items I sent along with Dee are okay. Love you.

  2. Hi Paige, How are you? We're so proud of you. We have your name on the mass prayer intentions every week. We think of you often and I've had fun reading your comments today. Say "Hi" to Aunt Dee and Jami for us. Love, Aunt Kit

  3. Hey Paige...I have heard from 2 of your past students now. Fernando called recently, and yesterday I heard from Angel. It was so nice to hear from both. They are very interested in your stay in Haiti. I gave each of them your blog address. I encouraged them to comment to you. I imagine there are more Herrera students checking up on you than you know through your blog. I think it is so wonderful that you affected them so positively that they continue to want to keep in touch. Love you.

  4. "Welcome Family" huh... Your family travels all the way to Haiti to see you! That is AWESOME... Making me feel so bad, I might call every aunt/uncle I have today, just to keep with the theme.

    Anyhow, I'm home alone right now (sat. 7/7/7 2:15PM) while Kisha proctors the AEPA exam. Just got up after a wonderful nap. Went to Taber, Zarius, and Zoes basketball games this morning and had a full breakfast afterward that tired me out. Who won the games you ask? Who knows? The lil guys run around the court without dribbling for the whole game and it's hard to keep up. I think they always tell them that they won anyways.

    So miss thang, your not missing anything around here but the *heat*... 113 on 4th of July. Ridiculous! We went to the river... You'd of had fun with us. Or at least, you'd of been making fun of someone right along with me... He calls himself "the one you think is cute," but I might start calling him "the one who gets sick after drinking." And I mean "wine flip-cup" style-drinking! Holler at your boy.

    I'll admit I haven't been to your blog until today. I read a few posts. Your doing some pretty interesting things out there. Father Marc's page is pretty real also. Looks like you guys are truly making a difference and making friends along the way... I'm in awe.

    I'll try read and message more often, but until the next time Pager, NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Paige-o!! Sounds like you had a fun day and with chocolate too yummm. I found a new ice cream shop in Lincoln Park by me that's ooh so good and cute, I like to endulge every once in a while too! =) Glad this is a mode we can stay in touch with over, I love to keep up with you and your adventures! Neways, life is good here as well same ol same ol. I got a new job- still with Chicago Public Schools teaching KDG but a lot closer to my house. It was a difficult choice cause I had a nice room where I was but this is going to be really benifitial for my future. So how are you doin? Your new friends are amazing-have fun and talk soon! Love, Kelly <3

  6. Hi Aunt Kit and Uncle Pete!

    It is so good to hear from you- I love hearing from Katee, so now it is even better to hear from more Colorado family! Thank you for the prayers, that makes me feel so good to know you are thinking of me. I love you, and will tell Aunt Dee and Jami you send your love!

  7. Mike my Cupid Shuffler Buddy!

    It was so good to hear from you! As teachers we learn about this thing called "voice" in writing, ask Kisha...well, you definitely use voice when you write, and I LOVE it. I would have been able to tell it was you whether you liked it or not!

    That is hilarious about Taber's game. I love it. I am hoping he is still playing when I get back so I can witness this...or you guys should tape it so I can watch when I get back.

    That sucks about the heat, but picture this- 105, 95% humidity, no air conditioning. Feeling better?

    I heard about the "guy that thinks I think he is cute"...what a joke. I really wish that would have been video taped. Ha.

    Thanks for checking up on me- you had better keep in touch, mister! Practice those Nerts skills! (I will always be champ)

  8. Kelly, congratulations on the new job. I got an e-mail from Amy and she said that she had a great time with you- and your Mom had a great time with Bentley! haha. How is Brian doing? I am jealous of the ice cream thing- don't get much of that around here. When I get back, and come visit you, we will have to go! Miss you dear!

  9. How wonderful that your Aunt Dee and Jami are there with you. :-)
    Here I was complaining about the heat and then I see where you have the humidity along with the heat.
    Enjoyed the pictures....
    Have a fun week with your family.

  10. I KNEW that had to be Kisha's Mike!! At first I couldn't figure out "just another cupid schuffler", but continued reading and realized it was Mike!! I, too, enjoyed his comment, Paige. You and Adrian are entertaining the way you write, Mike!! I also enjoyed seeing the comments from Kelly all the way from Chicago. Now I am thinking of my dear friend, Pat!! Are you out there, Pat??? I will be emailing you soon. I promise.
    I heard from Uncle George and Aunt Mariah today, Paige. Uncle George asked for your email address to send you a personal note. They, too, are enjoying your adventures in Haiti.
    I sure hope your Herrera students surprise you with a "holla"!!
    Love you, my Paigey!! XXXOOO

  11. I really wasn't going to retaliate back and come down to "another cupid shuffler" level. However, since he is only 5'9, I guess I have no choice. First off Paige, that "voice" that you hear. do you hear it in Spanish? And what does it say? Does it say? Where is my sleeve to my flannel? I think we should start a rule on these posts. If your real name is Lionel, and you are NOT a famous singer or toured with the Commodores, you are not allowed to make fun of people. Or if your hands and feet sweat and you write in acronyms.

    And Paige, you are seriously not calling me a "joke" after hearing about my 4th of July. Cause wouldn't that be the drunk pot calling the kettle black. But hey, we can't take your championship way from you, huh flip cup queen.

    So on that note, I hope you have a good night... try and keep cool. (if that is even possible) and I will talk to you later.