Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Flood

Last night the skies opened up and dumped all of its contents on Les Cayes. The Fantastic Four, Dan, Eddie, Kate (our new visitor here for a month), Johnny and Bermin went out for dinner to welcome Kate. Halfway through dinner it started to drizzle. After dinner we were literally dancing in the rain. On the ride home we were feeling as though we were in the Jurassic Park movie, complete with raptor noises (care of me).

When we reached our humble abode, this is what we found- a waterfall in our bathroom. Our upstairs bathroom. Cockroaches were floating to their death around the bathroom floor. We were soaked head to toe within three steps, and walking ankle deep on the second floor of our home.

Daniel- being the Mr. Fix It that he is, wanted to find out why there was a waterfall in the bathroom. Here he is going up the ladder to the roof to see. Diagnosis: too much rain.

Aftermath- this is the road. Yes, the road. NOT a river. The road.


  1. It is such a coincidence that you had a major downpour lastnight. We did too!! The winds were scary! Our neighbors across the street had their largest tree blow over. We had tons of rain for about 45 minutes....a little thunder....a lot of lightning. It was amazing. Jill asked me if you had the same and I said no...little did I know we were both in stormy weather.
    Stay dry Paigey!! Love you so much!

  2. haha. that is funny. Adrian did say that it rained but he didn't say that it was windy enough to blow over a tree! I think I beat you guys though...I think I will ALWAYS beat you when it comes to weather. Rain, Sun, Humidity, Heat... Haiti wins every time!

  3. that looks koo,dang i dnt know a road can do that lol, have u gone swiiming yet?

  4. Yeah Maya, I have gone swimming... but not in the road! haha. It was in the bathroom. Just kidding. Miss you girly! I love hearing from you!