Sunday, July 22, 2007

In English and In Creole, Please!

One of my big projects is to label Castel Pere with signs in both English and Creole, so the children can see the written English word that matches the place. Erin, one of the Fabulous Four Volunteers, has so graciously offered to tackle this HUGE project.
Here she has one of her "helpers" working on a sign that will be posted outside the pigpen.
There are also going to be signs labeling both schools- primary and secondary- the kitchen, the lunch area, each home will be labeled with the written number (ex. ONE and YON), the little store, the restrooms, etc.
Like I said this is a BIG job, and I am SO thankful to be having the help of the Fabulous!


  1. the only reason i was able to tackle this HUGE task was 1. i am fantastic and 2. i have the fantastic 4 to back me up. this was a fun project :)

  2. Hi Paige,
    I've been thinking about you as I get ready to head back to work next week. What you're doing directly impacts the children you're working with. No NCLB- what a novel idea! Take care.
    Love you!

  3. yes, erin, you are fantastic. fan-freaking-tastic.

    Carol, I will be anxious to hear about your class this year. Thanks for the encouragement!