Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today's Theme: Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July! Portia and I decided that even though we wouldn’t be celebrating Independence Day the traditional way…we would still show our love for the U.S.A. by wearing the colors! Oh yeah, and having hot dogs, the All American Food, for lunch.

After some coaxing, pouty faces, and begging, we were able to get Father Charlie to snap a shot with us. God Bless America!


  1. Very nice. your hair is getting kind of long. looks nice. You should have your mom do your hair when you get back. anyways hope you are having fun with Jami. have a good one.

  2. It was SOOOOOOO good to see your beautiful face (and Portia's too) in your recent entries. I really enjoyed them, as well as the "string adventure". It really helps to know that you are happy in your work and that you get to explore a little.
    Did Portia ever receive my email? I also tried to comment on her blog, but was unsuccessful. Please tell her that I really enjoy her writing style. Her experiences in story form are very vivid and detailed. I thought her blog was great too.
    I am happy you celebrated the 4th. Dad and I felt a bit funny (but relieved), that we didn't have to race off to find a place to view the fireworks. Instead we went out to dinner, went in the pool and then watched a movie. I think we are experiencing "empty nest" syndrome.
    Please give my love to Dee and Jami.
    Love you and miss you so much, Paige. I will call again on Sunday. XXXX0000
    Adrian....I am trying to give up my "addiction"!!!

  3. I agree with mom...its SOOOOOO good to see your beautiful face!! You look good!! (almost as beautiful as me) and tan...which i am kind of jealous. my legs and back are peeling from going to the river. it looks like your having fun....I enjoyed reading your string story. it made it all the better by writing it in 3rd person...almost like a picture book. (those are the only kinds i like to read)

    surprisingly, i haven't seen adrian lately. its probably good though...i don't like him one bit...never have. kidding. or am i? you'll never know.

    ILWLT,BACNGWTS! hahahahahaha he'll never know what that says~

    I LOVE YOU!!!

  4. You look Great! I too am jealous of the tan you are getting....=0
    So how far are you away from town?
    Aunt Pam - you are too funny- I love seeing how you respond to some of the is great- I love it..keep it up! Lynne- wow..I wish I was your age again=) Miss ya all too.
    Paige- keep smiling...your smile is contagious and it is good to see how much you are enjoying this experience. Love ya- Katee

  5. Pam, I saw the old photos of when you use to do Paige's hair. You need to get back that "addiction" when she returns. If my mom wasn't so great I really might have to anoint you the greatest mom alive. Right now it's a tie. ha ha.

    Lynne, first off you love me. I know it's hard to admit but give it time. You try and mask your true feelings behind acronyms but I know, I can decipher them. Oh by the way your little message. Yes I can. That one was easy.
    "I like writing like this, because Adrian can not get what this says."

    Yeah either that or he can nail it when he first reads it. Although, after looking at it, I thought it said, "I Lynne willing lied today, Because Adrian's cool, naturally gifted ways touch souls."

    I know, I know. I love you too Lynne.

    Paige... I do miss you. Not for all the mushy reason many people may think. No, no, I have just been dominating people in Nertz and it reminds me of the days I owned you in your own game. Every time I go out and win the game I think, "Oh I remember when I use to beat Paige this bad" ha ha. Have a good one and I will talk to you later

  6. Mom and Katee- I miss you and love you too. I wish there was a way that i could see your faces!

    Lynne and Adrian... not so much.

    Lynne, I am sorry that you are peeling, sounds like you didn't have a great time at the river...adrian, I KNOW you didn't have a great time at the river. haha. Family and friends..ask adrian why he didn't have a great time at the river.

    Mom, Portia was very happy to see that you posted on her page...although she is worried her Mom is going to get freaked out that there is a post from "mommy". haha.

    Even though I say I don't, I really do love the brotherly, sisterly banter between you two, Lynne and Adrian. And, just wait until I get are BOTH going down in Nerts.

    Miss and love you all!

  7. Happy LATE independence day! I was in Vegas with Kyle, and we shot some fireworks ourselves at his cousin's house, apparently it's legal there. It was pretty cool! Then on the way back to their grandma's house, we saw so many fireworks on the way, it was amazing! Everywhere we turned to look, there were fireworks! Then when we got BACK to the grandma's house, it was still going. We could see them from her backyard, it was awesome. I love you and miss you!

    Love always, William.