Friday, July 13, 2007

I Have Paparazzi Following Me!

So... I am super duper famous now. Portia just loves me so much that she has devoted an entire post to me on her blog. Check it out. Unfortunately for me, like most celebrities, it is not the coolest picture. But, I guess I can't expect that much from a paparazzi. As far as the name thing, it is true... my name does sound like a certain English word. But let's ask Portia what the kids call her...

*I love you my paparazzi!*


  1. The kids call me PO-SEE-AH! for your information (and you have to say it with an "!" otherwise it's "po-see-aaahhh" and that's not what they say).

    And, for your information, the 7/13 blogpost entitled "creepy-crawly..." was dedicated to the CRAPO and not to you, Pidge.

    I am SO glad, for the record, to have you living next door to me and fighting me daily for the best shower stall. :-) See you on the roof!!!

  2. "Pidge" I too know what it is like to be watched by the Paparazzi. Actually there is a young fellow you know very well who, when we play basketball he usually stands in the background taking pictures of me. ha ha ha. And although this 10th grader can grow a thicker mustache than I can, his basketball game needs work. He has no jumper and he is too timid to bang down low with the big boys. But it's all good, because he has "mad skillz" when it comes to dancing. I am writing this to you Miss Pidge but calling out one of your old students. ANYWAYS, hope all is well, tell Po-see-ah I said hello and to not forget to give me those coordinates so I can find you guys. Have a good weekend.

    Jill, glad you had a good time. You’re still my favorite sister. : )

  3. Glad to hear that, Adrian. I better be :) You don't have to say Lynne's your favorite cause you're afraid to "hurt her feelings", she will understand that you like me better because I'm better and the coolest! Haha, just kidding. No, but I really am. ;) Glad to sort of "hear" from you, Adrian. It's been a long time! And Paige, I miss you! It's so incredibly hot here in Arizona, I wonder what it's like in Haiti. Probably not very pretty, weather wise. Anyway, I love you! xox

    Love, William.

    PS. Adrian- my mom gave me your number, if that was okay. Would it be alright if I texted you every once in a while?

    Paige - Stay COOL! I mean, literally. Stay cool!! :)

  4. PS. Speaking of, "famous". I would absolutely LOVE it if you would deticated a whole entire post JUST on me. Since after all, you did for Lynne. So it would be just as fair if you did the same for me too. Me, and only me! Haha. I love you times infinity and more. So does Mr. Sammy wammy. a.k.a, SH!* head, as you know, mom likes to call him! Sorry mom, I had to write that! I thought it would be funny. Hope you're not too mad at me.

  5. Hey you self proclaimed "that one boy you thought was cute", I don't know you, but stop hating on Fernando. You're just hatin because he has a thicker mustache than you and sideburns, more of a man than you. He was probably in the backcoart taking pictures of you because he was amazed at how goofy you look.
    Hi Miss L0l0. I got "mad skillz" too.

  6. Hi Pidge:)

    I like that. You know that is going to be your new name now! No more "Kisha's friend" or "that tall girl" It's Pidge! I love it:) Pidge, Pidge, Pidge. Ha ha. I miss you. Hope your enjoying yourself out there. Sounds crazy but I'm ready to go back to work. I'm starting to have dreams about my classroom and my kids. I bet you can't wait to start your English program out there. I'm looking forward to what Jami is sending out this way. I will send you that picture as soon as I get it. Have a great day and be safe!

  7. Hey...where is spell check on this thing?

  8. To my favorite sister of "Pidge", oh course you can text me.... anytime.

    And to "younghood star". It's funny, I gave off clues such as, "not a very good basketball player, weak jumper, and timid" and based off those clues you were able to come up with Fernando. I guess I am not the only one who noticed that as well huh. And the mustache thing... yeah that is nothing new. Heck I bet you have little brothers entering the 2nd grade with more facial hair than I do. So no "hatin" on my part, I am happy for you. Just like I will be happy when you are finally tall enough to ride the "big kids" at Disneyland. That will be exciting day. ha ha.

    ANYWAYS, Miss O, I hope you are having as good as time as possible. you are missed so be careful. Talk to you later

  9. I am curious to know what is the younghoodstar... i know the miss lolo was a clue that it could be fernando...but why would he speak of himself in the third person...

    ki- thrilled you love the new name..that's just fab. i am so happy that THAT is what i get to bring back with me to the States. oh man.