Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Artist Update

Here is Sammy with his latest work of art- a free standing angel candlestick holder. I am truly amazed every time they bring me something new. This is made purely of metal- no welding required. Unbelieveable.

Here is Raymond, our hammock maker. He just finished making three hammocks for us, and will continue with those, as well as woven purses. Biondy is testing out the finished project...doesn't he look relaxed? While I was taking pictures I was commenting on how relaxing the hammock looked.

Here I am testing out the new "hang out". (Man I crack myself up.) Yeah, I could definitely get used to this.

These are our shoemakers. I hired them on from the outside to make sandals for all of our kids. Aunt Dee was also able to bring back some womens sandals to sell in the states. After they finish with sandals for all our children, they are going to teach our kids how to make them so we can be self sustaining, as well as profit from our talents. These two boys are so great to work with. They have such great work ethics, are kind to our kids, and always have smiles on their faces. Don't the shoes look great?!


  1. Isn't it though? I will tell him you said that. As far as you guys getting all huffy- I want you to post, obviously. However, if it is so difficult for you to say things without acting "too cool" then yes, maybe you shouldn't. I always brag to everyone here that I have the coolest students back home, and I am so lucky to still keep in touch with all of them. It would be sad if you guys stopped posting because I asked you to be nice. Hopefully I will hear from you! Miss you all!

  2. Hey...will you write a post to everyone about what exactly you are doing in Haiti? I know you are there to teach the Teachers English, and you are there for the kids. Mostly for me (and anyone else who is interested) but when we purchase the art work, what is the money used for? What is the purpose of them learning to speak English? I tried applying for a grant to send to you, but I didn't know how to answer these questions. I know you are there for good purposes, but will you clarify for me:) Thanks friend. Love and miss ya.

  3. Looking way too comfortable in that hammock! Don't fall asleep.....zzzzzzz....=)
    Can you post pics of the purses when they are done with those- I would love to see what those look like.

  4. Hey Katee,

    We were just checking my blog and talking about how cute you are. When we get a purse finished that is worth showing, I will definitely post it for you to see. I miss you. Give my girlies hugs for me! Love you!