Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today's Theme: Digging a Hole! (Saturday, July 14)

Once again- our day had a theme. The theme was, digging a hole. This mission that the "Fabulous Four" (pictured left) decided to partake upon involved driving the bright blue tractor. That morning, all ready to go at 8:30- dressed in full farmer garb mind you (cowboy hats and overalls included)- we set out to grab that tractor. Much to our avail, it was nowhere to be seen. "Maybe it is under a tree sleeping with the old guy," Daniel reasons. "WHY would it be there?" questions Portia. "That's where it always is when I need it. It makes it look like he is working." "Oh..." the three girls reply.
After searching for the tractor for an unreasonably long time-how hard can it be to find a bright blue tractor?- we gave up. Feeling a large amount of defeat, we figured that we would send some children off later to do our dirty work and find that tractor.
Around 4:00 that afternoon, Tipa (gotta love the little devil) comes running to us exclaiming that the tractor has made mysteriously made it back to the shed. "Let's go!" we all shouted raising our right arm into the air (as Fantastic Four groups usually do) and ran off to the tractor.
"Here, Paige! You should learn to work the back hoe," Daniel prompted Paige.
"Oh, I can do that!" she said enthusiastically.
After a large amount of video game like manuvering, Paige and the rest of the Four had made a large dent in the hole that must be dug for the drainage system.
"Well guys, it's all in a days waiting...and work!" they high fived each other and wiped their brows.

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